My Tips for Perfecting Natural Make Up*

My Tips for Perfecting Natural Make Up*

I am just back from London Fashion week and I truly loved every second of it all. I was backstage at some of the most incredible shows to include Rouland Mouret, Topshop, David Koma, Emilia Wickstead and Paul Costelloe and I was riveted by all the make up artists. When it comes to make up techniques whilst I appreciate 'Instagram makeup' and all of those steps and contours I will always be drawn to keeping things fresher and more minimal on my face. 

I like my make up to look like myself but just a bit more polished. That said a 'no make-up' look requires some technique and in my experience keeping things very clean between the lines is essential. 

There are a few products I keep on my dressing table and use every day whether I am doing a quick 10 minute job before I rush out the door, or taking a little longer for a night out. As a lover of all things naturally effective I am a big fan Botanics Skincare. The products I am chatting about here are all from the All Bright range which contain Hibiscus, the plant that make you glow. Hibiscus has skin brightening properties and is a natural radiance enhancer using exfoliating flower acids, found on the Hibiscus seed-pods. Sustainably sourced, the flowers are handpicked, creating jobs for those living in a co-operative in Burkina Faso, Western Africa. Range from €4.49 for the Wipes to €9.99 for the Radiance Balm they are accessible and effective. 

My current favourites and tips are: 

Start With A Clean Base


I always find no matter how well I cleanse my skin in the evening, in the morning there is always a teeny bit of eyeliner or mascara around my eyes. Mascara formulations nowadays are quite intense and whilst it's great that they don't budge throughout the day, they need really effective cleansing. A tiny bit of mascara under your eyes enhances shadows so running a Q-tip dipped in Botanics All Bright Eye Make Up Remover along my lash line and into the corner near the tear duct of my eyes is an essential step for bright eyes. I'm always amazed at how much comes off so definitely give it it try. 

What I love about this is not only is it cost-effective, it's also filled with natural extracts and soothing enough to use near the inner corner of my eyes. 

Prep And Prime Your Skin


Initially I thought primers were a way of companies making you feel you needed to buy more and more products. That said now that I am a little older and also far more interested in make-up and product application, it's a step I don't leave out. I apply a little of this Botanics Radiance Balm, warmed between my hands, all over my face and neck. Even if I just have 30 seconds I try and massage it in and decrease tension around my eyes and forehead. I get a little furrow between my eyebrows when I've spent too long looking at my computer or phone screen and I find just taking a few moments to smooth out the area really helps reduce the line. 

This Radiance Balm is also light reflective and has a translucent pearl finish when you apply it. You could wear it alone but I feel it sets the scene for your base looking light and glowy. It's currently priced at €9.99 and you can get a second one for half price and the 50 ml will last you quite a long time depending on your usage. I also apply a little of it with a beauty blender onto my collar bones for a really natural looking highlight. 

Apply Eyeliner With Caution


My next tip is one I have learnt the hard way. Honestly I blame the videos where people just effortlessly glide liner across their eyes leaving perfect little flicks at the end. The easier someone makes it look, the more talented they are. My advice for applying eyeliner is: have your pencil well sharpened and also warmed up so it applies easily to avoid dragging it back and forth across your eye. With liquid eyeliner run the brush along the back of your hand to make sure there isn't any excess which will drip onto your eye area or smudge and lastly have a q-tip with a tiny bit of All Bright Eye Make Up Remover to hand to tidy up any mistakes. Lastly take your time. In the grand scheme of things taking an extra minute or two isn't going to see you delayed. 

Clean Up As You Go


I use the back of my left hand as a mini palette when I am applying make up. It warms the product and therefore it's easy when am mixing things to get the consistency I want. After applying my base I also leave a tiny bit of concealer on there to tidy things up at the end but most importantly when I apply things like eyeliner or use my fingers to smudge darker eye colours I always have All Bright facial wipes to hand to clean my fingers quickly and avoid any transfer somewhere I don't want it to go. Whilst wipes get very mixed reactions from the skincare community, that's only when they are used directly on your face. I just use these for my hands and not only do they effortlessly remove any product, they also don't leave my hands oily, or dehydrated. 

Definitely if you have ever made the mistake of smudging eyeshadow or gloss from your fingers somewhere you don't want it, these are a great thing to have on your dressing table to keep things clean and fresh and avoid any unwanted make up mistakes! 

I really hope you find these little tips helpful! Let me know if you've any more I should add to my routine?



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*This post is created in collaboration with Boots Botanics. 


My Tips For Embracing Colour*

My Tips For Embracing Colour*

With London Fashion week on the horizon I was so excited to wear some really special new season pieces. I saw this suit in the Penneys Look book and I knew it was special. What I didn't anticipate was just how gorgeous it would be in real life! 

Both September and fashion week feel like a transitionary time and I felt ready to be a little bit bolder with my style choices. Normally I shy away from colour but I knew I needed a change and this suit was just the ticket.  The trousers are so well cut and look great with a white shirt and heels. That said for a really confident look wearing it as a full suit is something I am definitely going to be embracing! 

Here are a few tips if you're thinking of picking something bright and gorgeous up! 

Get the Shade Right


With red there are degrees that veer more towards coral and orange. This is pure fire engine red and such a perfect shade for cooler Irish skin tones. Trying on the jacket is easy to do and the most important thing to notice is if it's uplifting your skin tone. That said if you feel red is a little draining, read on for how to get around that... 


Keep Things Minimal Underneath


With a well fitted suit you don't want anything creating bulk underneath it. It's all about letting the tailoring hang well. With this in mind for evening there is nothing more glamourous than going for lingerie, some tape and little else but as this was shot in the day between running to shows I needed something with a little more coverage and support. I chose this nude body with black embroidered detail easily. Honestly it was so beautiful it literally shone from the shelves. With nude and black tones it's universal piece and would work so well with a black pair of jeans also.  


Keep Footwear Neutral


A classic pair of nude shoes is a complete essential. With such a bright piece it's important not to let anything detract from the main colour. A simple clutch bag with just the essentials would be all that's needed. I loved these sandals as with the thicker heel and the ankle strap there is good support and the glitter on the heel adds a little bit of sparkle.


Embrace a Bit of Tan 


As mentioned in the first point certain colours can initially drain you, especially pastels. Whilst I love my pale skin, I really like having a tan and when I tried this suit on initially I felt it would work better with a bit of a glow. I'm no at home tanning expert so I booked into Anu Beauty for a spray tan just before heading to London and I was delighted with the subtle tan and I felt more confident. 


Own It 


One thing about wearing head to toe red is that if you're used to wearing muted colours and a lot of black it will feel different. You will attract more attention and my advice is own it. Stand proud and tall and embrace all the positive vibes a colour like this naturally gives you! 

I am absolutely in love with this suit and looking forward to wearing the jacket with jeans and both pieces separately. No doubt this will fly off the shelves but let me know if you pick it up! 

Lots of love,

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Bodysuitsuit €13. Shoes €16. Trousers - €16 (£13 UK) & Jacket €25 (£20) available in Penneys Stores nationwide from the 4th October. 


Photography - Sarah Blake shot at Lancaster House. 

*Thank you to Penneys for collaborating with me on this post. 


Curried Lentils

Curried Lentils

I'm always looking for easy filling main courses and lentils are not only extremely reasonable, gram for gram they contain more protein than beef. They can be very bland by themselves but when I was experimenting one evening I made this in fifteen minutes with cupboard staples and honestly I love it now. I've made it for dinner parties and it goes down so well. You can bulk cook this and it also tastes nice cold if you want to take it for a packed lunch. 

Curried Lentils

Let me know if you make these ? 

Lots of love, 


Cranberry and Cashew Energy Balls

Cranberry and Cashew Energy Balls

There was a little trial and error with these but the end result shows that sometimes, simple is best. With just four ingredients combined these honestly are the tastiest energy balls I've ever had. They make such a delicious addition to a mid-afternoon cup of tea and also satisfy any after-dinner sweet cravings you might be having. This mixture makes 10 snack size balls but of course make them whatever size suits. Feel free to add some vanilla vegan protein if you want to give these a little extra boost. 

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Chia Breakfast Pots

Chia Breakfast Pots

Chia seeds are mini powerhouses packing more calcium than milk, more antioxidants than blueberries and more Omega-3 than Salmon. They are also so versatile and can be used in many ways but as breakfast options go I love chia pudding. It lasts 3 days in a sealed jar in the fridge so you can make a batch of it in advance and just grab and go for breakfast the next day. 

When it comes to toppings you can create whatever takes your fancy. I love a mixture of almond butter, fresh berries and some milled flaxseeds on top. 

Here's how I make it: 

Chia Breakfast pots


I really hope you enjoy these! 

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Multiseed Oat Loaf 

Multiseed Oat Loaf 

As food prepping goes you can do no better than to have a sliced loaf of this in your freezer. I love the texture of all the nuts and seeds and it leaves you so satisfied. I love this toasted with a few slices of avocado and some salt and pepper. It's so filling will keep you satiated all day so even if you are in a huge rush just take a slice of this with you as you fly out the door. 


Happy Baking! 

Lots of love, 


Images - Brid O'Donovan. 

Vegan Caramel & Almond Squares

Vegan Caramel & Almond Squares

I love the combination of nuts, caramel and dark chocolate and these slices are absolute incredible. I actually did a twelve week course in Raw Food Mastery and we spent a whole module on raw chocolate. Done right it's sublime, and it's also easy enough and just involved a handful of ingredients. 

When I moved to a plant based diet I couldn't eat snacks or chocolate that you find readily in a newsagent. Having a tray of treats like these in the freezer really make it easier. One thing to note is that when you shop for this it will be a bit pricey especially if you don't have cupboard staples like coconut oil in your cupboards but depending on the size of the packet you buy you will get a few rounds of chocolate from the cacao powder and paste so do consider that. 


Let me know if you make these?! 



Images - Brid O'Donovan 

Chocolate & Coconut Chia Cookies

Chocolate & Coconut Chia Cookies

Sometimes all you need is a really good cookie. Whether it's to be crumbled over some dairy-free ice cream or enjoyed with a cup of tea, if you're craving something really chocolatey, these will hit the spot perfectly! 

When I cut out eggs I had to look to other options for a baking binding agent. I actually did a full post on lots of different alternatives which you can check out >here< but for these Chia seeds are perfect. When making these you can't help but notice that they are nutrient dense as well as delicious. You will be surprised how filling they are. I love them with a little bit of Vanilla Cashew butter spread on top also. 


I hope you love these as much as I do! 



Images- Brid O'Donovan. 

Vanilla Cashew Nut Butter

Vanilla Cashew Nut Butter

When it comes to nut butters I am a huge fan. I love nothing more than a few squares of dark chocolate or strawberries with a big spoonful of nut butter on top. Initially I made a lot of almond butters which work so well for savoury options but when it comes to the sweeter stuff cashew is a brilliant base.

The key thing with this is to allow time for it to thoroughly blend in your food processor and go really creamy. It takes up to ten minutes but it's so worth it. I store this in a mason jar at room temperature and have it to hand to when I'm craving something sweet. Cashews also have lots of magnesium and zinc in them.


I really hope you enjoy this!

Let me know if you make it? 

Lots of love, 

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Images - Brid O'Donovan. 


My Favourite Cruelty Free Suncreams

My Favourite Cruelty Free Suncreams

It feels a bit random writing about suncreams when we really haven't had anything that resembles  a Summer at all. I don't think 2 days in a row have passed where there wasn't a shower in one. That said you should be wearing SPF everyday. These are my tried, tested and loved choices:

Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturizer - SPF 50 

The SPF coverage this gives is amazing and there is no white ghosty look on your skin. It's has a matt finish which is unlike a lot of others I tried which were very shiny. It does need a few minutes to set into your skin before you apply make up so make sure to allow a little extra time when using it. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 14.06.12.png

Murad City Sense SPF 50 

This is a completely mineral based suncream that has a peach hue to it and no scent whatsoever. Being completely natural I would doubt anyone with sensitive skin would react in anyway. It leaves your skin very glowy, unlike the Alpha-H mentioned above and is silky smooth. 


Nimue Sun-C Tinted SPF 40

If you want something tinted I have tried a few and to be honest found the consistency of them very lumpy and the colour match terrible, until I tried this. It comes in three shades and the light works well on my skin tone. Often I am so naturally pale even the pale versions are too dark! This gives a very light but effective coverage for areas of light discolouration or redness. 


Yonka Solar Care SPF 25

When I am away and not planning on wearing any make up this is my go-to suncream. Like all Yonka products it has the quintessence (essential oils of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme) and Fruit extracts such as vegetable glycerin and urea which are anti-wrinkle, hydrating, renewing. 


Boots Botanics Hydration Burst Day Cream- SPF 15

This has a very light texture and if you find your skin reacts to suncreams it's a a good choice for sensitive skin. The protection is low so it's not suitable for holidays but as an easy everyday cream this is lovely and very reasonable. 


Hopefully that's of some help and if you are off somewhere lovely anytime soon, enjoy! 

Lots of love, 

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Our Sligo Mini-Break

Our Sligo Mini-Break

Last week with the bank holiday ahead we knew we wanted to get away. Going abroad or anything dramatic was out of the question as with our second honeymoon payment looming we couldn't consider it. It will be worth it though! 

Very casually Andrew suggested Sligo and with a few hours to spare and thanks to some of your fab suggestions via an Insta Stories shout out I had things planned. We both wanted somewhere chilled out, healthy food and lots of lovely walks outdoors. 

Where we stayed: 

Deciding to book before a bank holiday weekend is always tricky. I rang a few B&B's and they were all booked up and I was thinking that we had left it too late and the weekend wasn't going to happen when I got a call back to say there was a cancellation in By The Sea B&B The location was perfect and it looked spacious and bright which was all I wanted. 

We checked in on the Friday night and actually were given the family room which sleeps 4 people  so we had loads of space. On the Friday night we went for a huge 5 mile walk along the beach. On Saturday we brought the B&B family dog Jango for a walk up Knocknarea which is right in front of the house. We walked quite slowly and it probably took us about three hours there and back. 

Where we ate: 

Everyone told us about Shell's Cafe. Situated literally overlooking the crashing waves the setting is incredible. When we were there it was sunny and jam packed. We had to wait about twenty minutes for a table so allow extra time when you come. The menu is fresh and really family friendly and the staff were so kind and accommodating to my plant based diet. The flat white was also exceptionally good and they had lots of dairy-free options. 

Sometimes I am blown away by how wonderful social media is. I had asked you guys for a few suggestions for places on Insta Stories (come follow me -> ) and as well as Shell's you also suggested Sweet Beat Cafe. Having won the Irish times best vegetarian restaurant in 2016 I knew it was going to be special but I couldn't have imagined how lovely it was. Walking in you are greeted by shelves of stunning raw and vegan desserts and I am delighted to say Nutmost. They have Wall and Keogh teas, a huge lunch and brunch menu and some of the most innovative, tastiest smoothies I have ever tasted. There is so much love and thought literally buzzing about here I was in heaven. If anyone is interested in trying a plant-based diet I recommend paying here a visit and sampling just how tasty the food can be. 

What I wore:

Packing for a weekend like this is always tough. Three days isn't long but I really struggle with downsizing my baggage however I kept things simple with these amazing jeans that I am living in from Revolve and currently I love this top from Isabel London. It's very roomy so very comfortable for long drives but I think the off-the-shoulder keeps it a little glam. I also packed a little polka dot skirt and another off-the-shoulder top and on the way home wore the black top with the jeans so I got three outfits out of two. 

Sitting here staring out the window at the rain I wish we were back in last weekend but I know there will be plenty more mini-trips. We had such a lovely weekend and it reminded us how special Ireland is. 

Hope you all enjoyed the bank holiday weekend and also if you gave me any suggestions a huge thank you! 

Lots of love, 


Shop my top - Izabel London. Jeans - Girlfrend.  Skirt -  Izabel London.