10 Minute Make Up

10 Minute Make Up

When it comes to make up I love nothing more than lots of time to play around with things but that rarely happens. Most days if I have an event I follow this very quick ten minute routine. I like to look like myself, just a little more polished. 

My Post-Workout Vegan Smoothie

My Post-Workout Vegan Smoothie

I used to be really reluctant about supplements but leading up to my wedding I began taking a vegan protein in a smoothie after my workouts and I found I felt so much better afterwards. 

I've tried quite a lot and my favourite has to be the WelleCo Nourishing Protein. It tastes really good and blends easily. This is a simple shake recipe that I throw together after the gym. All ingredients can be cupboard stapes and the berries and the banana can both be frozen so you can bulk buy in advance. My only advice is chop up the banana before freezing so it doesn't damage your blender. 

Post Workout Vegan Protein Smoothie

Really hope you enjoy this as much as I do! 

Lots of love, 


My 1 Minute Green Juice

My 1 Minute Green Juice

When it comes to juicing I now mostly just green juice. This juice in particular is quite sharp but the lemon adds a little hint of sweetness to it. 

I have a cold pressed juicer which uses very little heat. It means it takes a little longer to make a juice while it chomps through but it means that the juice will stay fresh if kept in the fridge for up to three days. I add chia seeds to bulk it out a bit but only put these in just before you drink it or it will become sludgey as the seeds expand. 

My 1 Minute Green Juice

I make this usually once or twice a week and honestly as much as I love that you can buy juices everywhere now once you get into the habit of making them at home it's much cheaper and fresher. 

Buy the Retro Juicer -> Here. 




What I Use To Get The Glow

What I Use To Get The Glow

When it comes to make up I have always favoured a natural look over any trend, that said at the moment it seems to be all about getting gorgeous glowy skin, and I want to join in on this asap.

I've been testing lots of different variations from primers, bases to finishing powders that are all completely vegan and cruelty free and these are all my favourites and how I use them:  

Start Fresh

I go on and on about the Yonka Gommage as genuinely it gives you smooth glowy skin so easily and so gently. This gives you a super-smooth canvas to work from for the next steps. As discussed in my last post about skin hydration keeping your skin well moisturised is essential. I always like to use a spritz of the lotion throughout the day to refresh my skin too. 

Layer It Up

After moisturising I love to layer on the glow and one of my current favourite products is the Tata Harper Illuminating Moisturiser. The glow in this is achieve by diamond particles that are milled so finely it sinks in so easily and you are left with a really natural looking radiance. If you want to amp things up a bit more the Liquid Aura from Urban Decay will do just that. On it's own I think it's a bit obvious but mixed with foundation I think it creates a gorgeous night time very Victoria Beckham kind of glow.  I also love the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer and find it blends really well too. 

If you are looking for a more reasonable option Seventeen and also the No. 7 options are good however they are quite oily but perfect for dry or normal skin types. 

If you want coverage and glow combined with SPF then I think the Bare Minerals Complexion rescue is a great option. I'm a huge fan of mineral make up and this is my go to on days when I don't want too many layers of product on my skin. I apply with my fingers and buff it in with a Blank Canvas F 06 brush which I love as it's so dense and smoothes things really quickly. The rose gold is an added touch and they're vegan also. 

Brighten The Eyes

For under the eye area there are two standout products I've been using a lot. I've had dark circles all my life and what I hate is that they make me look wrecked. Piling concealers on the area gets cakey very quickly but both of these have lots of illumination in them which reflect the light back and brightens the whole area much more effectively. Trish McEvoy is a brand I am becoming more familiar with after attending a fabulous lunch hosted by the woman herself.  This instant eye lift is great but you have to work quickly with it as it sets rapidly. Otherwise the Bare Minerals Stroke of light is lovely. It can crease a little under the eyes so be careful not to use too much product to set it afterwards. 

Finishing Touches

When it comes to getting those final glowy touches these two are in rotation at the moment. I try to use a fan brush like this one from Spectrum as it keeps things super light and it's very hard to overdo anything with it as it doesn't hold much product. I know there are all those memes about seeing highlighter from space but I do prefer something a little more subtle. For a very reasonable option the Technic Highlighting powder is so reasonable and very buildable. Lastly I think the Bare Minerals Invisible Glow is very good. It has flecks of bronze through it so wouldn't work well on very pale skins but with a light tan it looks lovely. 

Let me know if any of these are your favourites too? 

Lots of love, 


My Tips For Working From Home

My Tips For Working From Home

Working from home presents a whole myriad of things you don't have to think of when you're in a structured or semi-controlled environment. I've been self-employed for the best part of a decade and mostly worked at home. It sounds like an ideal situation but in my experience unless you get a few baseline rules implemented it can be occasionally tough and feel unproductive and lonely. 

Household tasks can wait

Ignore the washing, dishwasher, bins and sink full of dishes. If you were in an office and not able to see them, they wouldn't be distracting. The expression done is better than perfect is so important to me and in the morning if I give the table a quick wipe and things look fine, then I'll leave it and get on with my work. It's very tempting to think you'll do all the jobs then get to work but before you know it, it's lunch time and the morning has been spent cleaning up or pottering about. I'm not advocating having a messy house, but just cultivating the art of leaving well enough alone and focusing on your work and yourself during your designated working hours... which brings me to my next point. 

Have somewhat regular hours and don't do 'out of office' 

I try my best to keep 'office hours' between 9.30 and 5. I get a buzz when I'm busy and there is a list of things to do, it's the quiet times where I find myself feeling a bit lost. Long-term though those quiet times have proven to be the most productive long-term. This is when the exploring and the re-evaluating happens and I reach out to clients, pitch new ideas and generate interest. If I go out or I am away I check my phone regularly and I never put on an out-of-office. I don't get inundated with emails so it's not too much to deal with but equally I want to be as efficient as possible. I know people will say how important it is to factor in time-out but I also know that if you work in an office and are on leave someone else will respond in your absence. I don't think until you are completely established that you can leave people hanging. If they're on a deadline they could find someone else to do the job. The luxury is that you can be replying from a coffee shop or poolside, but my advice is stay a little plugged in an even if on holiday designate half an hour a day to go through and reply to people promptly. Also on your return you won't be overloaded with emails to catch up on. 

Don't switch on the TV during the day.

I sound very strict here but personally I have never been one of those people who can type away with the TV blaring. I also think that having things like the news on permanently in the background can really affect your mood. In a calm environment I am most productive. I have a few playlists of Ted Talks or Hay House I listen but in general I avoid the news or too much live radio when I'm on a deadline. At six o'clock or so turning on the tv feels like the end of the day. 

Let those around you know you work Monday to Friday full-time. 

This sounds very obvious but what I am getting at is that if people feel you are available freely during the week they will call upon you. Sometimes it's lovely and I have definitely enjoyed a few afternoons hanging out in the park with my friends on maternity leave, staying in coffee shops too long, getting my hair done and so on, but in general I try not to give off the impression that I am around all the time, because I'm not. Favours will always be needed and while I'm not saying don't help out, in normal working circumstances you have responsibilities and when you work for yourself I feel you have to enforce this, even if there isn't external pressure. 

Have a working wardrobe

The joys of being at home is that you could work from bed in your Pj's every day if needs be but in my experience getting in and out of working clothes has a huge effect on your mindset. At the end of the day there's nothing nicer than getting into something comfy but during the day even just being casually dressed makes me feel so much more productive. I find if I spend more that 2 days in my slob gear it really affects my mood. Luckily I have quite a few working events to go to that require me to make the effort and I always feel uplifted and recharged afterwards. Simple pieces like this jumper, which is currently one of my go-to pieces and these jeans which are also comfortable yet also presentable tick all the right boxes.  

Meal Prepping

This is something I cannot say I have been doing for a long time but in those few weeks when I have been organised enough and had some Tupperware in the fridge, it's been great. I find that if I don't have something I can't prepare quickly I tend to keep on snacking all day, drinking more coffee and actually skip lunch and then come four o'clock I am shattered tired and unproductive. I also think that even if you work from home and don't have any sort of an official lunch hour, you should try and implement this. Again I'm not great and sometimes those 5 minute naps turn into an afternoon gone, but in an ideal world breaking away from your laptop during the day can only be a good thing. 

As I sit writing this it's 9.30 so I've already broken whatever guideline I said about switching off but this is a post that's been on my desktop for a while and I really wanted to share it! 

I hope you enjoyed it and please let me know if you have any more tips for working at home? 

Lots of love, 


Images - Brid O'Donovan. 

Jeans - Revolve Clothing. Jumper - Revolve Clothing. Shoes - Chanel 

Lisbon City Guide

Lisbon City Guide

Where We Stayed

When we booked Lisbon we both knew we would be tired after the wedding and really just wanted to be able to chill out for a few days. We went on the Tuesday after we got married and returned on the Saturday. It felt way to short but we loved what we experienced. When choosing a hotel my parents had been to the Lapa Palace before and loved it. What sold us was the proximity to Lisbon airport also. Once we were in a taxi it was about twenty minutes driving and also a direct flight from Dublin so it was a perfect option after the wedding when you don't want to be travelling for a very long time. 

It's a very refined chilled out hotel. As soon as we checked in we knew we had made the right choice. If you are looking for a busy bustling hotel with lots of people watching, this wouldn't be your best option as it's very calm.  To be honest we were so tired after the wedding it felt like heaven from the moment we arrived. 

It's stunningly beautiful and the service was so friendly. The hotel itself is expensive but what we found was we settled into a routine of eating well at breakfast and then waiting for an early dinner so overall the week balanced out.  Breakfast went on until about 11 am and then I would lie by the pool while Andrew went to the gym. The wifi extends to the pool area - I love these little details. I also used to take bowl of nuts and fruit from the breakfast buffet to snack on by the pool. 


There was lots of little extra touches such as in the room you could get any Oscar winning movie on DVD to watch and the room service menu was really tasty with lots of vegetarian options. 

There was also an indoor pool and a great spa. I had a scrub treatment one day and loved it. Andrew is really into the gym and found it perfect. It was all spotless also. 

Touring The City

We went into Lisbon one afternoon and walked up to a castle Castelo de Sao Jorge which had the most amazing view over the whole city. The entrance fee was €8.50 and was well worth it and we stayed up there for about an hour exploring. 

I also had a quick look around Zara and Zara Home and the stores were huge. Sadly a Ryanair flight doesn't look to kindly on excess baggage so I didn't actually buy anything but there was really good selection. 

Where We Ate

One afternoon we were craving juice and walked for about fifteen minutes from the hotel and found a great cold pressed juice bar called Yao and also a really cool coffee shop called The Mill.  In that area there was also a bakery and a lovely organic deli so if you wanted a picnic you could get some really nice things there to take with you. 

We found eating out very reasonable. One place that really stands out has to be Yakuza which is a Japanese restaurant. We sat at the bar and they made the food right in front of us which I always love. You had to ring a bell to get in and from the outside you couldn't tell there was this incredible restaurant inside so it felt like a hidden gem. 

Honestly we loved Lisbon so much and we found it reasonable to eat out and get around. Also with the direct flight and the almost guaranteed heat it makes for the perfect mini-break destination. 

Have you been to Lisbon? Did you love it? 





Michelle's 5 Minute Almond Oat Bars

Michelle's 5 Minute Almond Oat Bars

I am really trying to get more organised when it comes to food and what I eat working from home. Food prep is currently a lofty ambition but in terms of snacks I think I am sorted now! I am a big fan of Michelle from Peachy Palette and she suggested she show me how to make these Almond oat bars. They literally take five minutes to prep and are really tasty. 


Michelle's Almond Oat Bars

I really hope you enjoy these as much as I do! Happy Snacking! x


Turmeric Roasted Cauliflower

Turmeric Roasted Cauliflower

I first had roasted Cauliflower in a restaurant and I couldn't get over how tasty and satisfying it was was. I'd honestly never thought much of cauliflower but prepared right it can be surprisingly tasty. 
I set out to create something similar at home and honestly I was so amazed how easy it was to turn it into this full of flavour and spice dish. 

This is the most perfect side dish and is quick enough to have during the week and but also special enough to have at a dinner party. I love it with some tofu, a green salad and lots of hummus for a quick mid-week dinner. 

Roasted Cauliflower 


I really hope you enjoy this!

Let me know if you try it !


Vegan Chocolate Spread

Vegan Chocolate Spread

When it comes to adjusting to a plant based lifestyle there are definitely some things you think you will miss. Let me solve the chocolate spread option right now. 

What I love about this is that unlike conventional well known chocolate spreads there is no palm oil in it. If you want to read more on why palm oil isn't great for the planet >this is a good article< 

You can make this in literally 3 minutes provided you already have the ingredients and it stores in the fridge in a sealed jar well for up to 2 months although it might not last that long! 

I'm currently working my way through a jar of this and I love it in the morning with porridge!

Let me know what you think if you make it!

Lots of love, 


My Cruelty Free Make Up Essentials

My Cruelty Free Make Up Essentials

When it comes to putting together a reliable make up bag whether it's for filming, a weekend away or getting ready for an event, these are my favourite products. I've used them all countless times and these are what I re-buy over and over.