My Tech Christmas Gift Ideas*

My Tech Christmas Gift Ideas*

When it comes to Christmas gifts I always say you should never give a gift you wouldn't be happy to receive.  This year Currys PC World invited me in to pick out my gift recommendations and I was spoiled for choice. In choosing these items I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to pick some really special pieces that everyone would love! 

Holly White Christmas gift idea

Lumie Bodyclock Active 250

We all know a lack of sleep affects almost every area in your life. I took up yoga a few months ago and waking up in the pitch black to get to a class feels wrong. I've heard a lot about Lumee Lights and how much gentler they are on your body. Proven to help with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) by helping to light darker mornings the Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 has both gradual sunrise and sunset options over durations between 15 and 90 minutes. These help you to feel brighter from waking to a natural sunrise and to drift off to sleep gently using white noise to mask background noises.

There are also a selection of sounds to use to help you sleep and wake up, including waves, a rooster call and an alarm beep. You can also use it as a radio if you have a station you like to wake up to as well. This is such a thoughtful gift and something whoever you give it to will use every single day, and night. 

Price €119.99.  Buy > Here <

Price €119.99.  Buy > Here <

Goji Collection Wireless Rose Gold Headphones

Once you listen to music on proper headphones, the difference is amazing and it's hard to consider going back. Whilst doubling up as very cute ear muffs these headphones charge up for 14 hours worth of play, if that runs out you can just use them with the cord. What I love is you can keep your hands free for calls or just listening to your music as they have a built-in microphone and a remote for adjusting volume levels and skipping tracks without taking your device out of your pocket. For any music lover these are the perfect gift. 

Price €64.99 Buy >Here<

Price €64.99 Buy >Here<

HP Sprocket Mobile Photo Printer

The one thing I really don't like about about digital photos is that I rarely ever print them. My wedding album may well be waiting far beyond next Christmas by the time I get round to sorting it. The HP Sprocket might not be suitable for printing a whole wedding album but the compact (pocket-sized at just 2 x 3”) printer lets you create stickable durable water-resistant smudge-proof snapshots whenever the moment strikes. You sync it via an app and it's very quick to set up and use. You can add borders and designs and also similar to a polaroid, the ink is embedded in the paper, so you don't need to buy separate ink for it. 

Price €159.99. Buy >Here<

Price €159.99. Buy >Here<

Ion Turntable 

For the music lover this Ion Turntable is more than just a record player. With EZ vinyl converter software included, you can convert your 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records and play them back in incredible digital quality, giving you the best of both worlds. If you know someone who has a pile of records they want to digitise, this is the solution! 

The software will guide you through the process step by step - just use the included USB cable to connect to your home computer. It senses gaps between songs and save them as separate MP3 files, letting you create an impressive digital archive. Restore your classic vinyl and enjoy the portable convenience of digital formats with the ION Max LP Turntable. You can also connect the Max LP to other audio sources like a cassette deck, MP3 player or smartphone using the 3.5 mm aux input. It also looks incredible !

Price - €99.99. Buy >Here<

I hope you enjoyed those recommendations! 

Happy Shopping!

Lots of love, 

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Photography - Johnny McMillan. 

*Thank you to Currys PC World for collaborating with me on this post. 

Butternut Squash and Tofu Curry

Butternut Squash and Tofu Curry

I batch cook the curry paste for this and have it to hand when I want a super quick dinner. When it comes to veggies if you want this ready and cooked within a few minutes use things that will cook quickly: sugar snap peas, beans, mushrooms, thin sliced carrots, courgettes and spinach. 

Here I have used squash as I think it's such a comforting winter vegetable and with the added tofu and chickpeas this is filling and naturally rich in vegan protein. 

I hope you enjoy!

Tofu and Chickpea vegan curry

Wellness & Beauty Gifts Anyone Would Love

Wellness & Beauty Gifts Anyone Would Love

When it comes to giving present guides I wanted to compile a list of things that fell into the beauty realm but were easy enough to purchase without worrying about getting the right shade or colour which can be really stressful. All of these are beautiful, timeless items I honestly think anyone would love! 

Scent is a really personal thing but there are two products I am using all the time. I met the owner of FloraPlusFiona and she told me about her fabulous blends and body oils but what instantly caught my eye was this Carry on Travel Oil.  It's a mix of oils that are historically known to have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Ravintsara, Sweet Marjoram, Niaouli, zesty Lemon and sweet Red Orange. Roll Carry-on Oil over pulse points and breathe in deeply at departure and in-flight for a natural support. If you know anyone travelling a lot, this is a really thoughtful gift. 

Creed Virgin Island Water was designed to evoke the scent of the Caribbean. I don't typically like sweet scents but this is on another, entirely more sophisticated, level to other perfumes. I attended a scent masterclass and when you learn about the work that goes into creating a scent like this it takes on a whole other dimension. Simultaneously fresh and warm, this uplifting scent radiates Jamaican lime and coconut and honestly smells like paradise. 

Closer to home and moving into stocking fillers these Human and Kind Deep Cleansing Cloths are so incredibly soft that after using them you would find it hard to go back to using a facecloth on your face. They are reasonable enough to stockpile them up so you can daily rate them to keep them hygienic and freshly laundered. 

Lastly when it comes to my hair products I am constantly looking out for sulphate and paraben free brands. Amika Nourishing mask has Jojoba Seed Oil,Vitamin C, the antioxidant that assists in hair growth and sea buckthorn and is safe for color-treated, Brazilian-treated and Keratin-treated hair. It's a really fun brand and my hair felt super smooth. 

The Trish Mcevoy Make Up Planner is one of the most unique things. Every year I swear I will get organised. It's safe to say there is space to improve but this little wallet holds so much. You buy the wallet and then the individual inserts but it's cleverly designed to really maximise space. For someone who hates digging into their handbag to find their lipstick, this will be a godsend. 

Jo Loves is a really special company. I have now read Jo Malone's book which I recommend to anyone who wants a good Christmas read and I feel she's a true beauty legend. Her perfumes are gorgeous and I have written a lot about wearing White Rose and Lemon Leaves on my wedding day. Her candles are equally sublime and literally only need to be burned for a few minutes to get the scent throughout the room. The Christmas Candle is luxurious from the moment it arrives in a crisp white box and the thickest red ribbon. The scent itself is layers of fresh pine, aromatic lavender, incense and amber on top of Plum Pudding, full of candied citrus fruits, which rests upon a base Log Fires. It comes with a glass lid to protect it from dust. 

Lastly this year whilst writing our thank you cards after the wedding I realised how much a simple card or note is appreciated. Whilst it's definitely more convenient to text or email, a handwritten note means so much. One way of making it a little easier is to get nice cards and paper, or in this case hope to be given them. Monoset do gorgeous gift boxes and have great templates that make it very easy to select what details you want on the cards. I think these would make anyone happy! If you use the code Holly30 you get 30% discount also! 

Anyway those are just a few ideas and suggestions if you are at a loose end, or need a post to send onto someone dropping a not so subtle hint!

Lots of love, 


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My Beauty Christmas Gift Ideas

My Beauty Christmas Gift Ideas

When it comes to Christmas beauty it's all about feeling a little luxurious! 

This is the time when the packaging is so important and I always think it's the perfect time to treat yourself or someone you love to something they have had their eye on for a while. 

Assuming you have the basics (foundation, mascara, moisturiser) covered these are my top picks for either gifting to self or giving to someone you love. All are cruelty free, most natural and everything is something I would adore to receive ;-) 

Bare Minerals Box of Wonder

Literally the only advent calendar I would want is the Bare Minerals one. There is over €250 worth of gorgeous natural products in such nice shades. Also they have one of the most stunning highlighter kits, which also has some shades that would work for eyeshadow also, in a gorgeous box. You Had Me At Glow is exclusive to Brown Thomas here in Ireland, or online >here<

Christian Louboutin Metalissme Christmas Nail and Lip Colours. 

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish and Lip Gloss are also exclusive to Brown Thomas and here the packaging is spectacular. It's so so striking and complete dressing table furniture. I was lucky enough to trial these shades. I've always wondered about these real luxury pieces, and what I will say is that the shade is universally flattering. Even if someone said that red lipstick didn't suit them, I would advise them to pay the concession in Brown Thomas a visit and try it out. I loved it on and noticed five hours later it was still perfect. 

Fenty Beauty Holiday Edition

Rihanna's make up collection came out this year and feels as if it has been here forever. She filled an much needed space for products that were universal, suitable for a diverse range of skin tones, fun and also extremely high quality. The pigments are beautiful and can effortlessly be layered. Two pieces I loved from the Cosmic Galaxy holiday collection are Spacesuit lipgloss- which when applied even over bare lips makes them pop and Alien Bae liquid eyeliner which makes a simple cat flick just a little more festive with a subtle turquoise glitter. 

Fenty Beauty Holiday edition

Facial and Body Oils

With Winter weather and central heating our skin needs more nourishment than ever. These are three gorgeous facial and body products that any natural beauty lover would be thrilled to receive! 

For really glowy skin I am a huge fan of laying the right foundation, before your actual foundation. For my eye area if I am going out and need a lift I love the Tata Harper Illuminating eye cream and I also like to layer little of this Combray Oil before my foundation. My skin goes very chalky if I don't the right priming bases under it and this is a great help. It's full of grapeseed oil and anti-oxidants and really nourishes. For my body I use Bare Chic Skin Glistening Body oil. It smells of jasmine and leaves your legs so sparkly and nourished. 

Extra Sparkle!

Cover FX is new to Arnotts in Dublin and I had the pleasure of trying out the range. Hero products are this illuminating primer which any beauty lover would be thrilled with and the custom drops - which are like liquid gold which you can dilute as you like to get the consistency of shimmer you want. Equally Penney's has come out with some fabulous highlighters. I particularly like this one called Brunch club and also love the Wet N'Wild vegan brush range and have been using what is actually a foundation Brush to apply it. Both together would be a lovely stocking filler and well under €15 for the 2. Lastly a specific setting powder for under the eye are feels like a total luxury but once you've tried this it will make total sense. Laura Mercier secret brightening powder is made to keep under your eyes set and looking fresh and bight. It will last a long time and if you know someone who is really into make up this will be a much loved and appreciated gift and it's 1 shade fits all so you wont need to worry about matching them up. 

You can see how I use most of the products here! 

I hope you loved all of those and if you have any more questions on any items feel free to comment below! 

X Lots of love, 

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A Wellness Weekend In Knockranny House Hotel

A Wellness Weekend In Knockranny House Hotel

Last weekend I was invited with some other journalists to a Wellness Weekend led by Melanie Walsh at Knockranny House Hotel.
Melanie is a Kundalini yoga teacher and she also practices sound therapy and brings a strong focus on the ancient shamanic healing tradition into her practice. It came at the perfect time. 2017 has been a really intense year and I felt my energy was a little lower the past few weeks. The idea of switching off and exploring some different therapies and yoga for a weekend sounded like heaven. 

I checked in on Friday night and was immediately blown away by the size of the room and the comfort. The bed was enormous and there was a whole separate seating area with a couch. The bathroom was also equally generous and had a jacuzzi bath as well as shower and twin sinks. 

After an early night we started Saturday off with Kundilani yoga which feels gentle initially but is actually highly detoxing. Melanie, the teacher, had a way of injecting humour into it and explaining why each step was important and by then end of it when we were relaxing in savasanah she did a guided mediation. After a quick breakfast it was time for a spirilina body wrap and mini facial in Spa Salveo. 

After treatments you could use the aromatherapy grotto, herbal sauna, scented steam room, monsoon shower and hydrotherapy body massage stations but I chose to have a quick lunch in the bar - which was at our leisure- and then went for a walk. 

In the afternoon we had a sound bath which is an ancient sound-healing practice whereby the you relax in a reclining position  and allow the healing sounds of traditional musical performances to bath over you. The music is typically generated by such instruments and methods as singing bowls, gongs, drumming, tuning forks and chanting. This was a deeply moving experience and it's hard to put into words how intense it was, and also how spine tinglingly incredible you feel during it. 

Afterwards we had some time to chill out and take all the energy in. I felt very emotional and it's definitely not something to underestimate. That night we had dinner in the restaurant La Fougere which was lovely but feeling exhausted I was equally excited to go back to the gorgeous room for a long bath and bed. 

What struck me was how deeply I slept that night. I felt exhausted the next day, as if a big reset button had been hit and whilst I was there the wheels were in motion. We had a last yoga class with Melanie and even though it had only been a few days I think we were all extremely grateful and also surprised by how healing the weekend had been. 

We had a final treatment of a massage in the spa and then the weekend had come to an end. 

The next Wellness Weekend Weekend is happening on the 19th & 20th January and
includes 2 nights stay with breakfast each morning, lunch in the Brehon Bar on Saturday as well as dinner in La Fougére, a spa treatment on each day, all the yoga, the sound bath and use of the thermal suites throughout.  

Price €299pps for more information see

Knockranny House Hotel Yoga Weekend

Announcing The 2017 Yonka Christmas Gift Sets*

Announcing The 2017 Yonka Christmas Gift Sets*

For nearly two years now I have worked with Yonka Skincare as one of their ambassadors here in Ireland and I've learnt so much more than I ever imagined about plant based natural skincare. Hand on heart it truly is one of the most beautiful skincare ranges that heals on every level. My skin has never looked better and barely a week goes by where I don't receive a message online from a follower who has discovered the range and fallen in love with the products and treatments. 

With Christmas literally around the corner I thought I would talk you through the gorgeous Christmas gift sets which would make anyone happy come Christmas Day!

Firstly I have to comment on how beautiful the actual gift boxes are. Since using the Kon Marie method to clean out my make up I am all about beautiful storage boxes to keep things organised and these are perfect for separating your products after they have been enjoyed on Christmas Day. 


The gift sets are separated into three options for moisturisers, body care and candles and a diffuser. 

Facial Care Gift Sets 

I have always felt that your moisturiser is the most important part of any skincare regime as it's on the longest and therefore has the greatest chance of impacting your skin condition. These are the options available this Christmas, with some incredible savings which I have outlined below. 

Yonka Christmas Gift

Exceptional which includes 50 ml of both the Excellence Code Creme and the Excellence Code Masque - priced at €164.25 there is a €54.75 saving. 

Yonka Christmas Gift Excellence Code

Sincere which includes 50 ml of the Elastaine Jour and Nuit Cream and is priced at €84.75 with a €28.25 saving. 

Yonka Christmas Gift Holly White Elastaine Jour

The Vibrant kit contains 50 ml of the Vital Defence creme and 15 ml of the Alpha contour eye cream and is priced €64.50 with a €21.50 saving than if you were to buy them individually. 

Yonka Christmas Gift Holly White

Bath and Body Care 

One of my absolute hero products is the Yonka Phyto Bain. I have spoken about this in depth and in short - no bath oil comes close the healing and revitalising combination of Indian chestnut, cypress and rosemary, sage and helichrise oils mixed with petitgrain and lavender oils. If you are unsure regarding what to give a friend who is pregnant or has just given birth this would be my number 1 suggestion. It is free of parabens and 88% natural and suitable for those who are breastfeeding also. This comes in a gift bag with a huge 200ml Lait Corps for €63, a €21 saving.  

Yonka Christmas Gift Holly White phyto Bain

Yonka Candles and Diffuser 

If you weren't quite sure what to gift someone skincare wise another gorgeous option is either a candle or a diffuser.

Yonka Christmas Gift Holly White Yonka Candles

The candles come in three scents, Quintessence, Orange Blossom & Petitgrain, and when it comes to Christmas scents I have to be honest and say I am not usually a fan but the Yonka Cedar - Cypress is the chicest most beautiful crisp scent. It's a very clean evergreen smell, like Christmas trees in the snow and gorgeously fresh. It's my number one choice to have lit in the sitting room all December. 

Yonka Christmas Gift Holly White natural Christmas candles

Whilst candles are always lovely a diffuser is also a great long-lasting option. It comes in a Bouquet De Provence scent infused with Petitgrain, lavender, and rosemary which is a subtle clean scent. 

Yonka Christmas Gift Holly White natural diffuser

Male Grooming 

Yonka Christmas Gift Holly White natural male skincare

Lastly, not forgetting the men, Yonka also have a giftset for them with a foaming gel cleanser, an the Nutri Moist cream which is so soothing on their skin especially after shaving. The kit is priced at €66.50 with a saving of €7.20 than if you were to buy them individually. 


If you have any questions on the gift sets or wish to purchase them check out the nationwide salon listing >Here< to find your nearest Yonka outlet! 

Happy Shopping!

Lots of love, 

Holly_signature 2.png

*I am an ambassador for Yonka Skincare. All opinions are my own. 

Photography - Johnny McMillan. 

Hair - Moyo Hairdressers using Aveda colour & Products. 

Yonka Christmas Gift Holly White Christmas gift sets

Honest Natural Beauty and Skincare Companies That Care

Honest Natural Beauty and Skincare Companies That Care

This is a post I have been meaning to write for ages. Beauty products have always felt like a little bit of a luxury but at a recent lunch hosted by Human and Kind the owners were discussing the products and how every ethical element was considered along their supply chain. The name speaks for itself but I find it so refreshing to know that in buying a product, it is having a valuable impact on a community. These are some of my favourites companies with a clear conscience and the incredible natural beauty products they are creating:

Human And Kind

Whilst their shower gels are absolutely incredible and the foamiest I've ever used, their ingredients are also fairly traded ensuring sustainability both for them and for their suppliers welfare. Their packaging is always 100% recyclable and the amount used it limited to the minimum required per product. You can read more about it >here< 

Hero products for me include the miracle make up remover -which is the softest thing I have ever used on my face and also saves you buying cotton wool as it's gentle enough to use around the eye area and also the Shower Mousse in Grapefruit Delight. So fresh and SO foamy! 

The Body Shop  

The Body Shop story started with Anita Roddick's belief in something revolutionary; that business could be a force for good way back in 1976. To produce their natural beauty products they empower over 20,000 economically vulnerable people in 23 countries around the world, transforming marginalised communities, preserving traditional crops and promoting sustainable farming. They have also been fundamental in bringing about the change in Animal testing laws. 

As a result of launching their AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING CAMPAIGN in 1989 the UK banned it in 1998. They went on to present over 4 million signatures to the European Union who banned animal testing of finished cosmetic products in 2004. In 2009 they received a Lifetime achievement award from the RSPCA, and they continue to campaign against animal testing which sadly is still happening, unnecessarily. Hero products for me are their body butters which are so creamy and also their scrubs. What's so reassuring is they will continue to campaign and by enjoying their products you are supporting their work. 


When it comes to organic skincare and organic beauty products Eminence is a luxury salon range that has an incredible ethos. Since their inception in 1958, they have been using sustainable farming and green practices to create natural, organic and Biodynamic products. They farm manually to reduce CO2 emission and their farms are powered by wind and solar energy. They have a Forests for the Future program which plants a tree for every retail product sold. To date they have planted over six million trees ( >more info here< ) in developing countries throughout the world including Burundi, Uganda, Ghana and Tanzania. In Africa, agroforestry provides families with the education and tools to create their own tree nurseries. The profits allow them to support their basic needs, while also benefitting the environment and fighting deforestation. 

When it comes to the beauty products they rank amongst some of the best. In particular I adore the Coconut Scrub - which Madonna (!) is also a big fan of and the Apricot Body Oil. 

Personally, whilst I know there are cheaper alternatives to all of the above, the brand ethos  matters so much and if you are thinking of a Christmas gift or gift-to-self all of these are contributing greatly to causes and communities around the world! 

Happy pampering !

Lots of love, 

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My Top Natural Nude Lip Products

My Top Natural Nude Lip Products


There are some things I have put years of research and testing into perfecting. Top of the list is a good natural nude lip colour. 

When I apply foundation and concealer it drains the colour from my lips and makes me look a bit ill unless I add something. For the past few years I have been searching for natural shades that almost mimic my own lip colour, just a bit more polished, and now I have found the best products for the perfect nude lip. 

If you're looking for just the right shade of blush nude for your lips than I have the answers and some tips:


Prep your lips before you put anything on them. I find lots of lip balms are way too greasy and make me break about around my mouth so I prefer to stick with a creme. Yonka Excellence Code eye and Lip cream is gorgeous, absorbs quickly, prevents lines around your mouth and if you want a matte lip it's the perfect moisturising base that will keep them soft all day long. You also need a good thick concealer and a brush to perfect the lip line and conceal any blemishes and darkness around your mouth. Make sure to set it well also as the chin and mouth can be a naturally greasy area for most people. 


If you want something that literally is just a lip stain than I definitely recommend Emite Lip and Cheek tint It gives just enough colour to your lips, making them look like you have bitten them. It can also be used for cheeks but as a lip I love the matte, extremely natural stain of colour it gives. 


Staying within the lines is vital to keep things polished. My two absolute favourite liners are Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow talk, or if you want something more naturally based Bare Minerals In Borderline is perfection. Both apply easily and if you wanted to lightly over-line these are the perfect shade. 


I collaborated with Bare Minerals to showcase their (amazing) Bare Pro foundation and as the base was the main look I wanted a natural colour from the range. In finding XOX I literally found my perfect nude lipstick. It's moisturising and creamy, doesn't bleed at all and is so universal. If you are doing any sort of look where your eyes are the main focus, this is the perfect finisher. 


If you want more intensity than Ella and Mia gloss is on sale in Skinfull Affairs. They are paraben free and Peta approved and the colour payoff is amazing. They also taste of Peppermint which is really refreshing. I adore the shade Laced Up.  If you want a bit more intensity and something that will last all day then the Bellapierre Lip Creme in shade Incognito does not budge once it sets. When I am filming this is a brilliant product as it is transfer resistant and also lasts and lasts. 

Hope you love them as much as me! 

x lots of love x 


Irish Heritage Fashion In London*

At fashion week I was struck by how many heritage British brands there are. There's something incredible about a label having a history going generations back. In Ireland there aren't that many but one stands out and I wanted to wear something from their new collection whilst over in London. Magee was established in 1866 by John Magee, as a small drapers shop in Donegal, Ireland, buying and selling handwoven tweeds. Today over 150 years later they are still known for their incredible tweeds and classic pieces.


October is a funny month weather wise. On this occasion it was quite mild but you have to be just as prepared for a sudden downfall, as you are for an Indian summer. Layering is key and also if you are investing in any pieces you want to be sure they will thrive whatever the weather. 

I chose to wear a Mac and a liberty print shift dress from the new collection.  

A Mac is a real failsafe item to have in your wardrobe. Quite simply if you see one you love, whatever the season, whatever the weather, buy it. You will wear and love it for years to come. What I really like about this one was all the little tweed touches on the details such as the collar and the buttons. It's also so beautifully lined. Not every company pays this much attention to the inside of the garment and it makes it really special.  

What I love about a Mac is that they give an outfit an effortlessly pulled together feel. Worn with jeans and converse they inject relaxed sophistication. When wearing them with dressier items such as this dress they make it look like you're not trying too hard which is very important! 


This liberty print dress is actually from the new season 2018 Spring collection and like all of Magee's womenswear the quality of the silk is phenomenal and feels so soft on your skin. There's a relaxed fit to pieces like this and as it gets colder I would pair it up with a chunky knit and tights and ankle boots. 

Thankfully the weather stayed dry the day I wore this look. Both pieces were so comfortable and I felt proud to be wearing one of Ireland's long standing brands in the buzz of London fashion week!

Till next week, 

lots of love, 

Holly_signature 2.png

Photos by Ollie Ali  shot at Somerset House. 

Mac €425 & Dress €199 all at Magee


*Thank you to Magee for collaborating with me on this piece. 


Wrapping Up For Winter

Wrapping Up For Winter

Yesterday was Hurricane Ophelia but thankfully we were safe enough and I actually spent more time than I would like to admit (hours!) watching John Lennon documentaries on Youtube. Today there is a stillness in the air but no doubt Winter is on it's way and it's definitely chilly.  

As it gets colder these are a few recent additions to my Winter wardrobe that I am loving at the moment! 


With Winter coats and jackets I always go for as many neutral tones as possible, gray, white, black, beige, so that individual items will all work well with whatever else I may have. I had been looking for a jacket that would smarten up jeans and keep me super cozy and I loved the funnel neckline on this as soon as I saw it. It comes up to the top of your neck once zipped up and so you don't need a scarf with it. It is so warm, yet also feminine and smart. 

I am always looking for failsafe pieces and these these black faux leather leggings tick every box. They have a leather look to the front, and lycra and stretch on the back which will maintain their shape. I find a lot of leggings go baggy and look frumpy, however with these that won't be an issue. I will wear these with a chunky knit jumper and flats or something more dressy and heels for going out! 

I was also looking for a shoe that I could wear out with jeans, and skirts that was glamorous but comfortable and I loved these. The neutral grey means they would effortlessly work with black, navy and also lighter jeans. They are high, yet not too high and have ankle support which having learnt the hard way is just essential for a night out! 

Now that Winter is well and truly here I will have all of these in high rotation. We have also just booked out Girl's Christmas lunch which I am so excited about. As times get busier we mainly meet at weddings and hen's but our Christmas dinner is almost sacred at this stage, and thankfully booked! 


Hope you are all safe and sound after yesterday and keeping wrapped up! 

Lots of love, 


Choosing The Right Camera

Choosing The Right Camera


When it comes to blogging there are no barriers to entry. Anyone can buy a domain and start writing their thoughts on what they love, or despise or feel the need to share! There aren't too many costs involved to begin.

Initially I used to take photos on my phone when I blogged very sporadically, maybe once a month at the start. Gradually as I started falling in love with it and went to more events I realised that a lot of the bloggers I looked up to were using professional cameras to get really gorgeous images. It can sound naive but with most cameras starting at about €500 it's not likely you'll have one just hanging around. 


As my blog got busier I knew it was time to invest. I made an initial mistake in following a recommendation, that was possibly an ad, and bought the Canon G1X Mark 2. It's a great camera but honestly it was too big to carry around and too heavy for vlogging. I had only looked at it online, not actively played with it in person. It didn't suit me or my needs at all.  The settings were complex and as an inexperienced user I kept it in Auto most of the time.

I used it for about 2 years but given I am over halfway though my first year full-time blogging I felt it was time to invest in the right camera for me. I spent hours online and also popped into Currys PC World to get some honest facts from one of the camera experts there. 

What are the most popular cameras for fashion bloggers and why?

The Canon EOS M3 has excellent video quality 1080p full HD, an excellent standard kit lens 18mm to 55mm, vary angle screen. You can change the lens which is really important and you can add an external microphone. It syncs with your phone over Wifi. The Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark 2 has a flip screen and is super compact so great on the move and for fashion week. 

The Canon 200D is also a great option, small and light, great kit lens, very compact for a DSLR, it has a vari angle screen, touch screen, excellent video capabilities, option to change lenses, bespoke macro mode and others auto settings, eg landscape and portrait, great interactive guidance on the screen when selecting a mode.


For Vlogging what do you recommend, can one camera do it all? 

Again the Powershot G7X M2 is the best to go for when vlogging. Top quality video capabilities and it fits in the palm of your hand so no messing with additional lenses.  Any bridge cameras are useful, more powerful than compact cameras and no bulky lenses.


What are some settings and tips for food or close up beauty photography?

AV mode is ideal , higher aperture will keep things in focus, lower aperture will allow more control over what you want in focus or out of focus , this will give the blurred affect. Ideally use a tripod if possible and macro lens for close ups. G7x MII has a low lens aperture setting and a bespoke macro setting.

Do you need a separate lens for that blurred background in fashion photography?

Not necessarily.   Higher end lenses will have a lower aperture setting but will be expensive.The  blurred effect can be achieved on fixed lenses. For the blurred affect (shallow depth-of-field), set the camera to AV mode and change the aperture, for example f/1.8 on the G7x MII, which is a very low aperture for a fixed lens and which will blur out the background, subject will be in focus and sharp.


What did I choose?!

In the end the right camera for me was the one I was actually going to use. After learning more and handling all the options I really liked the G7 mainly because of the size and also the lack of complicated settings and too many buttons. I still admire those who can use big DSLR cameras and I know the image produced is superb. But I have made the right decision for me. The G7 is light and compact and I take it everywhere. Also without a big lens sticking out . Down the line issues like not being able to add a mic to it or change the lens will present themselves but I know for a quick photo shoot or a vlog this is the right camera for me. 

If I can advise anyone anything it is to go into a camera store and hold and play around with the cameras and also think about what it is that you will be using it for. If you will be mainly just doing tutorials or shooting at home a bigger DSLR model might be easy but if you are out and about and want something smaller, keep the practical side of things in mind. 

Having had a great camera I never used, versus having one I now always have in my bag, I know that downsizing was the right idea. I've a lot to learn but I think even