When you are attending a Debs, College Ball or anything else that might require an extra special amount of sparkle there is so much to consider. Here are my five tips for looking and feeling your best-

1) Think of an overall look -


When browsing or buying a dress it’s so important to think of what you will be wearing it with. Shoes will alter the whole feel of a look. When shopping bring shoes of a similar height to, or ideally the ones you want to wear, to try on with the dress.  Also think of how you might want to wear your hair. If you are set on wearing an up-style make sure the neckline of a dress is beautiful and flattering as the attention will be drawn to your collarbone.


2) It's all in the details 

Accessories can transform an overall look. A simple dress can be bought to life with a bright bag, and nails. Personally I love a bit of sparkle in my footwear or on a little clutch bag. Also whilst I love a relatively natural make up look, I really enjoy nail art. A classic simple dress can suddenly become a showstopper with a few personal touches. Embrace the idea that you can have fun with these little details.


3) What lies beneath

Good underwear is crucial to any dress. The kind of support you need will dictate the kind of dress you can comfortably wear. If you need good support a backless number may be out, but thankfully there are lots of solutions. TK Maxx have an incredible selection of underwear.

Invest in shape-wear if that will make you feel more confident and comfortable. Even the most glamorous of celebrities are often spotted with their shape-wear peeping out so if you feel you look better with it on, embrace it.

Always remember to wear nude underwear under white. White underwear under white chiffon only draws attention to it. Nude simply disappears. Lastly beware of the dreaded VPL. Go for high cut smooth line underwear so nothing detracts from the line and fall of your skirt.


4) Skincare and Tan


Whilst a beautiful dress is so important, your skin needs to also be prepped and glowing. A good, natural looking, fake tan always adds a bit of a wow factor and especially offsets pale and nude shades so well. Pale can be just as glamorous, however a little bit of skin prep goes a long way. A good exfoliation in the lead up to the event will have you glowing. Personally I’m a fan of dry skin brushing as often as I can. Investing in a good body brush and daily use will have your skin smooth in no time. It also provides the perfect foundation for applying tan if you’re going down that route. If you’re staying pale a good moisturiser with some shimmer adds a little bit of sparkle.


5) Think outside the box 

When I was going to my debs there was one particular boutique that everyone went to. Unsurprisingly there was a bevy of girls all in the same corset and princess style skirt on the night. Whilst we all wore it slightly different, and had our own hair and make up styles, it did put a slight dampener on the night. To avoid any sort of a clash think of unique gem like pieces. The beauty of shopping in a retailer like TK Maxx is that it’s a real sources of one-off pieces, at up to 60% discount.



Silver Dress - €69.99

Shoes with crystal detail - €54.00.

Clutch-  €19.99.

 All items photographed available in TK Maxx St Stephen’s Green.

Photos shot on Canon EOS 100D

Photographer ARW.

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