There was a great quote by Steve Jobs about how life was only understood retrospectively and I think it's spot on. I recently celebrated my 32nd birthday. A lot of my 20's were stressful and confusing. Family relations, personal relationships and my career all proved messy and uncomfortable to navigate.

One sunny Sunday recently my boyfriend, my parents and I all went out to lunch.  Things had gone seamlessly and I majorly appreciated it because of all the chaos along the way to there. I was a bit nervous turning 32. I felt there was a lot more I should have accomplished. But I am learning that life doesn't stop. It keeps going and I'm getting better at enjoying the journey. Ironically since I took the pressure off things career-wise, relationships and family have all started to blossom a bit more.

I always feel fashion is a reflection of how you are really feeling so it proved ironic that this coincided with a week where the lovely people over at Chantelle lingerie got in touch with me about their incredible seamless underwear. One of my current favourite dresses from Iclothing looks fabulous on but requires attention to what lies beneath as it clings everywhere it can.

I decided to wear it with the Chantelle for the lovely Sunday lunch. The thing with a dress like this is you have to allow all the flow of the fabric be the star of the show, not a dreaded VPL.

My hair looks quite red in the sunlight but it's not really. I put it loosely back in a bun. 

With a dress like this adding correctly to the neckline is key. Some people love big statement pieces but at the moment I love more delicate chains layered. The cross is my communion cross so I've had it for ages and the infinity symbol is from a new online jewellers called It's made of vermeil which is silver coated in 24 carat gold so the colour is perfect but it's much more reasonable (€39) than if it was pure gold.

I added a bag I got in Acessorize ages ago that added a little sparkle.

and kept things minimal with a simple court shoe.

Lunch in Balfes was perfect. Not too noisy (my dad hates noisy places) but full of atmosphere. The food was lovely and the staff seemed open to tweaking the menu. I've made some big changes to my diet lately. I'll do a full post on it all soon but I'm transitioning to vegetarian and really seeing how difficult it can be to eat healthy socially and not be lashing into bowls of creamy pasta or risotto as are the main vegetarian options in most places.

Recipe for a perfect lunch 

Take one glass of prosecco...

..add some gravlax with capers and cauliflower.

   ..split dessert four ways so it's not so naughty..

..add one smiling boyfriend

and finish with a nice walk home with the evening sun on your back.

Dress - Iclothing. Shoes - Iclothing. Necklace - Cross, David Murray, Dawson Street. Infinity symbol necklace- LeJuls. Sunglasses - Tom Ford at David Clulow at Kildare Village. Bag - Accessorise.

Shot by ARW.