This was supposed to be a March Favourites but it's been a really, really busy few weeks lately and suddenly it was properly April and there was even more to add to the list. In terms of my occupation curating and presenting the fashion for The Pulse forms one of the main parts of my work but like other stylists there's so many more elements to my life I enjoy and is my platform for this.



Below is a list of things that have caught my eye and that I'm currently enjoying:

  • My Lighthouse Clothing Fayda Parka - this year Andrew asked that I wear less black. I'm not the kind of person who takes direction very well. I'm instinctive in my choices and more or less follow my own feelings on what I wear. I wanted to ignore him completely but actually I realised that he had a point. I wear so much black with a splash of neutrals but overall it's a bit gloomy. I wanted a light jacket to keep windproof and warm but not weighed down and came across Lighthouse Clothing - which is an Irish company who offer a two year guarantee on their parkas! They also come in bright gorgeous colours. I got this Fayda one in Seagrass.  It's lightweight, and the colour is so uplifting. I wore it to Pawsitivity in the City (a dog and cat festival in Merrion Square) and it's a perfect lightweight piece to throw on and brighten up a casual pair of jeans, or leggings. Of course if I go to any festivals this Summer this will be ideal. I'll be wearing this lots over the Summer to break up the black!

Pukka Turmeric Tea

- Sebastian Pole is the co-founder of

Pukka Organics

 and I met him once before at the launch of their skincare line. He was in Dublin and a few of us were invited to 


 on Leeson Street for gorgeous vegetarian food, a talk from the man himself on product developments and to taste the amazing new Turmeric tea. The thing that interests me the most is that Pukka is one of the few brands of teas that use medicinal grade herbs for their teas and genuinely they actively contribute to wellbeing. Health for many like myself is a consistent work in progress but being an avid tea drinker it was interesting to learn that there are massive antioxidant benefits. We were all given a copy of his book

'A Pukka Life'

which is his philosophy inspired by Ayurveda. I'm looking forward to reading it. 


Lightening up for Spring


- As I mentioned in my first item I really am looking to cast off the darkness both in my wardrobe and now my hair. I think coming into Summer we all start to dream of beachy waves and so I went into the amazing

Megan in Peter Mark on Grafton Street

 and she got what I wanted straight away. My hair is super long at the moment and also I'm relatively low maintenance so keeping the condition and also an overall natural appearance was so important. She gradually broke up all the darkness framing my face with paper fine highlights. I'm so happy with it and planning on going even lighter at my next appointment! 


Ecco Intrinsic Runners

- I've liked the preppy sensibility of Ecco footwear and championed it for over two years since first featuring it on Xposé. At the heart of it this is a footwear range that will genuinely care for and support your feet. I was excited to see that they had expanded into sneakers with the Intrinsic range and also that the colours were bright and zesty (are we seeing a theme here yet?!) I wanted to pick up a new pair of runners and chose the coral colour. They're so light and comfortable.  Ecco shops are popping up everywhere but you can also get them online -

here !

  • Working in-store with TK Maxx - to say I am a fan of TK Maxx is an understatement and a half! Shopping wise I'm very intuitive and almost hate having an agenda thus the treasure hunting vibe that surrounds any trip to TK Maxx is something I love. I was lucky enough to be asked to do some in-store work for them in Dublin's Ilac Centre and also Tralee to highlight this Spring's Ridiculous Possibilities campaign. It was great to meet all the lovely customers and talk through my picks for Spring and share some style tips.
    • Visiting The Happy Pear - and enjoying a blustery walk in Greystones. We are coming into bank holiday season and mixing some mild activity with gorgeous food is my idea of heaven. Since I last went to The Happy Pear it seems to have exploded in popularity. It's so amazing and inspiring to see a vegan/vegetarian business thriving. Whilst waiting in the thirty or so people queue David came out with samples of their tiffin and was so chatty and genuinely positive. This is the kind of business I hope to see expand and expand!



    7. The Cos Preview - Held in an amazing modern home on Camden Street the Cos Preview really conveyed so much about the brand. The premesis was modern and stylish yet cozy. The food suppled by Coku was delicious. The clothing is what you would expect and very timeless draped pieces in muted colours. There was a waterproof dress featured which definitely isn't optimistic for Irish weather but a lot to love. I also got a chance to catch up with Timi - aka Tweety Monkey who takes amazing photos and took some for me too!


     Looking forward to Summer already!