I love a road trip so much and was thrilled when Life Style Sports invited me down to the opening of their new store. Galway is one of my favourite cities alongside Cork. Ciara O'Doherty and I drove down together. Being a local girl she was my navigator as my sense of direction is not the best.. We arrived just in time for kick off and met with Nuala.

There was such a buzz on the night. The store itself is amazing and huge. Upstairs the flooring is covered in false grass and it looks incredible. On the night there was such a buzz and the Connaught rugby team guys were there as well as Rob Lipsett and lots of other fitness influencers.

Whilst I do like exercising the whole athleisure trend is much more my style. As a stylist on behind the scenes kind of days I'm usually doing drop backs and need to be as comfy as possible. I love classic pieces such as leggings in monochrome and then a pop of colour in a bright sportsbra like below. These are a few items that I've definitely got my eye on: