When I decided to host my first event I was very much going on an instinct and a sense of hope. I had a desire to create the ultimate luxurious, yet accessible, bridal preparation day out. It was an extremely stressful, far busier than I imagined, occasionally overwhelming few months in the lead up to it but now sitting here the day after the event I am so, so happy, and everything was worthwhile!


On the day of the event I popped into Grace in Peter Mark for a bouncy blow dry. While she did my hair I did my make up. It was just around the corner from The Westbury so ideal.

I was dressed casually for the first hour of lifting boxes and doing a sound check and finalising all the show music. The dresses were hung and were steamed and put in order.

The girls from Polish got their nail bar set up and Lauryn Rose Jewelery and Jules Bridal set up their stalls in the room.

If I am honest about 11.30 when the first people arrived it was as if it hit me that the room would soon be full. The event sold out the night before by and 12 noon there was a queue out the door of ladies all lined up. It was almost surreal meeting people now holding the goodie bags saying they had watched me filling them up on snapchat and followed all the event preparations. Two girls had come from Cavan, others from Galway and one girl even told me her ticket was brought for her from Australia!

"The first Speaker was Triona and she took to the stage and I think everyone fell in love with her with her sense of fun straight away." 

She had a table of products and some really random items as well! What I loved about Triona is that like all speakers on the day she was able to give impartial, honest advice and there was a swarm of people around her afterwards.

Next up was Aimee Connolly who did a classic bridal look on Teo and also a smokey eye masterclass on Kelly.


Then Lorraine Browne gave a lovely talk about how to build a relationship with your hairdresser and how to get the best out of them and prepare for your wedding day. She did some beautiful looks on two models using some of the hair drapes from Jules Bridal. 

Next up people were served a stunning afternoon tea and the room was full of chat! Lots of girls were also trying on the jewelery and accessories.


The White Room

After the tea the fashion show began. I had selected dresses from three boutiques -



After the fashion show Mairead from The Dreaded Speech gave some tips on giving a wedding speech. Shortly afterwards the wedding planner Tanya Dawson and I had a chat about wedding planning. Tanya also answered lots of people's questions one on one afterwards.

We finished up with the raffle for the Irish Guide Dogs association.

The donation box is sealed so I'm not sure of the full amount going to them but I will send it to them this week and update everyone. Afterwards there was lots of photos and hugs all round. I was sad to leave and for the day to be over but also thrilled it had gone so well! I hope everyone who came enjoyed the day and that it was genuinely helpful as well as fun?!


I couldn't do a post on the event and not chat about how fab I thought the goodie bags were. Below is a little round up of all the contents!When it came to putting together the goodie bags I only wanted beautiful, relevant and useful items in the bags. It was a mix of some brands coming to me and I myself reaching out to others. I said a good few No's also. When it's your own event and you are completely self funded you're afforded that luxury and that's something I would never compromise. So much thought even went into designing the bags themselves!

Those of you who follow me on snapchat (HollyKateWhite) would have seen in the lead up to the event my mum and Andrew filling the bags and taking over my mum's sitting room for 5 days!

The bags were stuffed to the brim with goodies including:

Dr Coys Chocolate

I am a huge fan of this. It's a nutritional chocolate from an Irish company that's gluten free and nutritionally enhanced. Having met the team behind it at lots of food markets with Andrew over the past year I was really excited to share their great product with my brides-to-be!

Lipton Green Tea

I drink a phenomenal amount of green tea. Probably about 6-8 cups a day when I am at home working at my desk. I first came across Lipton Green tea as a PR sample sent to me and I particularly liked it as a supermarket reasonable tea option. I have some loose tea and love the ritual of it when I have time but for me this is a great easy option I grab in the supermarket.

Dr. Hauschka Harmonising Feel-Good Ritual kit

Those who have been following me a while know natural skincare is something I am passionate about. Clay masks are really popular at the moment and this cute little kit lets you make your own. There is also a soothing mask and a clarifying steam also. So it's like a little at-home facial!

James Read Tan, CND Solar Oil and A Blank Canvas make up brush.

When it comes to tan James Read is a new discovery. It's a product I genuinely now love and I really wanted to include it in the bags as I feel brides need a reliable high performing tan. Getting hold of these samples showed how much I wanted it. Andrew picked them up from the distributors boyfriend's apartment late the night before the event! What I also got included was a voucher for a free full size product if they get a James Read spray tan in  Callan and Co. Seeing as this is the trusted tan of Rosie Huntington-Whitely I know the spray tans will be incredible.

CND Solar Oil is one of those really useful beauty essentials. Since I started working in TV I now have regular manicures and maintain my nails in between. I feel more polished and groomed when they are neat. In terms of home care Solar Oil is a great handbag addition. The lovely team from Polish were at the event and Leanne talked about just how beneficial this really is and that even if people have Shellac on their nails, it absorbs and conditions them.

I am a huge fan of Blank Canvas make up brushes. They are one of the few companies that do vegan brush options and they are also Irish so it's nice to support them. Make up application is hugely dependent on having the right tools and I thought it was nice to add to people's make up collections with a classic shader brush.

Yonka Oxygen Kit

Being an ambassador for Yonka I was thrilled and so appreciative of their generosity to the brides-to-be at my event. I am a huge fan of the range and these two products are a great introduction. The Miscellaire water is an incredibly effective product and removes make up and leaves your skin feeling so fresh and clean. The moisturiser is an anti-pollution cream and is a block for pollution, UV rays and is intensely hydrating as well as having all the gorgeous plant extracts Yonka is known for. It's a perfect base for make up also. Both are under 100 ml so suitable for travelling.

My Shining Armour Karma Necklace

Nicki who owns My Shining Armour was in School 2 years ahead of Andrew and is a really dynamic force in the online jewelery industry here in Ireland. She sells the incredible Ban Do agendas everyone is obsessed with. She was so excited about the event and wanted to generously gift the attendees with one of her classic pieces. I love my Karma necklace as it's one of those pieces that I find works with everything. It would make a gorgeous bridesmaid gift and looks far more expensive than it actually is - always a bonus.

Perfectil Skin, Hair, Nails and Cross Beverley Pens

I am passionate about eating well and trying to live as 'clean' as possible but it's not always possible so some supplements are necessary to keep me boosted up. Even during the day Lorraine Browne - the hairdresser - spoke about how important nutrition is to hair growth. I like Perfectil and have been taking them for a while so it was great to be able to get sample packs for all the attendees.

In terms of uses Coconut oil is a kind of endless list. I use it as a body oil, for cooking and occasionally for Oil Pulling on my teeth - which is quite naturally whitening. These little sachets are super useful to traveling.

The art of letter writing is something that I hope never fully disappears. Having a lovely pen to write wedding invites and thank you cards makes things a little more enjoyable. I was thrilled when Cross Pens gifted all the attendees with Beverley Pens and also engraved pens for the speakers. You can get them engraved at Cross outlets (like Weirs) and it makes it so special and personal.

Enibas is an Irish jewelery company established in 1993 and I have a piece with my and Andrew's name and the date we got engaged on it. I had a necklace and 3 bracelets as prizes for the Irish Guide Dogs raffle and also every attendee got a voucher for free engraving. I think the idea of having a name or a date on a piece of jewelery makes it so much more personal and special so it was great to be able to offer everyone that!





After all the cleaning up was done Andrew and I went for a gorgeous dinner in Balfes.

We had to take a quick picture to capture the moment! After all the late nights it was an amazing feeling to know it genuinely couldn't have gone better!!

It was a fabulous day out and I hope everyone who came enjoyed it so much!

Lots of love,