I am off to Portugal on Saturday to Juicy Oasis. Andrew and I went there last year and loved it. It can sound very extreme to live off juice for a whole week but this will be my third time going and genuinely I am really excited. It's an interesting week and the lack of food can make it feel very long if you don't have things to distract yourself.


It's also a really productive week work-wise if you want it to be. There's wifi and plenty of free time.

I have become obsessed with Mimi Ikonn on youtube and she and her husband Alex created the Five Minute Journal and also the productivity planner so I will have that with me as well as my Beverly Cross Pen. This was given to everyone who attended my bridal event so it's nice to have a momento from the day and an achievement I am proud of.


As I've discussed with those of you who follow me on social I am currently undergoing a whole site revamp and going to integrate lots more vegan food on here. For me style is very much lifestyle - how you live your life, not just how you dress, and eating well is so important so it makes sense to include more of that side of things.

Anyway below are a few beauty bits and bobs I will be bringing with me.


I love the Kevin Murphy range. It's Peta approved and completely cruelty free. I am planning on having this mask in my hair for most of the week and hoping the heat of the sun will really boost it.

I am currently using the Pureology range from Peter Mark day to day. I wash my hair about three times a week and this is sulphate free and also vegan.


Facial Care 

Even before I was a brand ambassador for Yonka I was a huge fan of their products. Last week I had an incredible facial in Millies in Naas and really appreciated the insight. I have very sensitive skin so tend to be gentle with it but it's also very greasy in my nose and chin. So I've two extremes going on. Eleanor explained that I needed to be exfoliating more regularly, just using more gentle products. Millie are also offering 15% off any purchases on the site with the code Holly15 and 20% off a facial if you mention me!


I am bringing the Micellar water to take off suncreams every day and my travel lotion which is so refreshing sprayed all over and also a toner. I picked up a sample of this Declaré face wash. It comes out like a powder (so perfect for carry on) and when you add water it foams up. It's gentle but thorough and a nice add on when I want something foamy.


For an extra treat I am packing this Dr. Hauschka steam and mask kit. Again people were given this at my Bridal day and it's a really lovely home facial kit. The steam is really gentle and when I used the mask I applied the cleansing to my t-zone and the soothing to my cheeks and neck. I think you would get about four applications out of it. 

I always like to bring Lavender oil with me. It's very soothing for burns and I put some onto my pillow as well. Toothpaste wise this from Regenerate is amazing. It's one of the only toothpastes that supports your enamel re-building. Lip balm wise I am not sure if there is anything better than this one by Image. I've had it over six months and the package is a bit wrecked but that's a sign of love and use! Lastly as I said above I am now integrating much more exfoliation in my skincare regime and this Guarana scrub by Yonka is very gentle and soothing but also clears the clogs around my nose and chin area in particular.


I am also trying out these M2Beaute eyelash and eyebrow serums. I am about two weeks in and not noticing much but you need to wait six weeks before you see anything apparently so I will keep going.


Also my current favourite perfume is YSL Mon Paris. If you like Angel you will probably like this. It's sweet, but light and I think the bottle and even the colour is so beautiful.


Supplements wise I always take B12 and have recently started taking Kelp so I will keep that up while away.

At the moment this week I am cutting out all coffee and trying to juice every day so it's not too much of a shock to the system.

I am also really excited to show you guys the re-design. I get a such a huge response on Snapchat (HollyKateWhite) whenever I post recipes or things I am cooking. I've also changed so much in my diet and I hope to take you on the journey and show how I integrate more plant based food into my lifestyle.

I'll be snapping some of the week there so keep an eye on my snaps (HollyKateWhite) for updates!

Lots of love,