I've coarse thick hair that will never be the kind that allows me to 'wash and go' It's moody and extremely grumpy in the morning. 

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I cut it quite short (inspired by Alexa Chung) a few years back and hated it every day until it finally grew. In the end building up my arsenal of products and a relationship with a good hairdresser helped a lot as well as trying and testing lots and lots of products. I am getting back into posting about beauty lately and did a cute little five minute make up look over on my youtube if you want to check it out - click ->Here<-



These are my recommendations of products I use weekly and genuinely would feel a bit lost without:

Shampoo, conditioner and heat protectant. 


The Shu Uemura shampoo and conditioner are not cheap but they are literally packed with micronutrients and algae. What I like about them mostly is that they lightly cleanse so my colour lasts well and my hair never feels stripped or weighed down with heavy products afterwards. They also smell heavenly. In terms of heat protectant the Swell serum is genuinely brilliant. Again it's so light but effective I have very long hair and the lengths below my shoulders get no natural oils and I find if I forgo any treatment after conditioner I need to get about two inches cut off at my next visit. 


For drying I used to use a Parlux hairdryer that I had for about eight years. It was salon quality but not nearly as powerful as the Lanai Blo which is 2400 watts. Initially the design and the super cute addition of having my name on it drew me in but then the performance took over. I had been thinking about investing in a Dyson hairdryer but honestly this is under €100 and so good. The cold jet at the end is life-changing. It kills all those little humid hairs that like to form a halo even after thirty minutes of styling. There's been a lot of hype about this dryer and I will genuinely say it's merited. Styling wise I love a wide curl and this Diva tongs was much cheaper and I find I use it much more than my GHD which was about three times the price! Lastly for on the go this chargeable straightener is so handy. Once charged you get forty minutes use from it and it's actually quite light and handbag friendly. 


Brush wise this Kent brush is great and the pointed end of it gets a great parting. I started taking Imedeen over three months ago and I'm not sure if it's a side-effect but it does seem to be helping my hair growth a lot. That said unfortunately with accelerated hair growth grays show quicker so I now turn to Colour Wow a little quicker than usual. Colour wow is so handy for little root touch ups along my parting or hairline and it also doubles up as the best eyebrow make up I've come across. 


Sometimes after drying my hair especially around the front I will put in a Velcro roller which stops me automatically putting it behind my ears and kinking it. If I'm attempting an up style I'll always use some Kevin Murphy Powder puff at the roots and it gives it loads of texture. You've to be clever with this though and use it sparingly until you understand it as it cam ruin your hair to the point that you have to wash it out if you overdo it. Lastly for that frizzy halo that likes to appear just as I am leaving to head out a good old Mason and Pearson brush with a spritz of Show Beauty finishing spray is incredible. Show beauty oozes luxury and even the smell of this spray makes me think of heading out somewhere fun. 


I suppose most importantly understanding that I will never have the kind of hair that just does what it is supposed to but certain thing do help. I occasionally get Keratin straightening treatments in Keville which are quite dear (€150) but genuinely do make a difference especially in humidity. The only thing is the treatment kind of strips my colour so I have to combine it a few days in advance of a colour appointment. Speaking of Colour I get asked a bit on who does mine. I go to Holly Murphy in Peter Mark and she is fabulous. She also does gorgeous natural up-styles that stay put all day! 


Lastly in terms of blowdries for super early appointments I go to either Hot Air or The Shelbourne who have designated blow dry bars that open at 7 - which is perfect if you've an early call time! If you have any questions - comment below or tweet me! 

Till next week, 

lots of love,