This has been a long time in the works but now it's finally live! I am delighted to welcome you to the new, very much improved


When I started this blog originally seven years ago I was a different person and the blogging industry was completely un-developed. Now as I write this, it's a different ball game. Bloggers are as influential as magazine editors and the standard of online content is phenomenal. I began blogging regularly in March of 2015 and now over a year later it was definitely time for a site refresh. I met with the team (Lauren and Danielle) in Good As Gold over two months ago and we have worked solidly on this since then. I cannot recommend them highly enough and I am so happy with the overall look and feel of the new site they have created.  


"Like everything in life, a personal blog evolves with you as your life does" 

I am now engaged and planning our wedding for next year. I am also about to embark on a twelve week raw food course and naturally want to integrate content surrounding these topics into the new site.



As you can see there is a whole food section and this is going to be filled with recipes and restaurants that cater to healthy plant based eating. There will also be some bridal posts on key elements involved in preparing for the big day that I feel will be valuable or useful to share as I figure them out myself! 


Anyway I just wanted to welcome you to the new site and say thank you for following me on this journey!  

Lots of love


Image credits - Johnny Macmillan