I spent a week in Jason Vale’s amazing juice cleanse getaway in Portugal last August and massively credit it with giving me the energy I needed to make some really big, mostly exciting, changes. Since then a lot has happened. My career, relationship and lifestyle have all improved. It’s wonderful and infinitely better in almost every way but over the last six weeks I have felt a complete exhaustion kick in. The thing is when you are freelance and self-employed in an extremely competitive market you have to keep taking every opportunity that comes, embrace the chaos and behave as efficiently as you can.


For me snacking and grazing throughout the day was a big downfall. Working from home the kitchen is very near and full of temptations. I felt I needed a reboot. I wanted to get back to that place where I genuinely wanted to and enjoyed eating well. In terms of juicing at home I’ve had plenty of success having a juice in the morning and eating normally the rest of the day but I didn’t think I could handle the temptation or the organization of shopping, preparing and juicing two litres of juice a day.

I decided to try an minimise the risk and ordered my juice detox from Green Beards. They actually deliver which made the whole thing so much easier. There are lots of places doing juices now, plenty also doing delivery but personally I feel that Green Beards have an exceptionally better product than most. Their premises is completely spotless, medicinal almost and it feels like a well oiled machine. They make their juices daily starting at 4 am so they’re really fresh.

I decided to do four days of juicing and one day of Juice and salads and some healthy snacks. The juices arrived by 10 am in a cute little cooler bag. I had emptied most of the fridge out to make space.

"I have to say they do look amazing. They are numbered also so you take them in the right way."

Day 1 – Actually went quickly until 5pm. Then I really felt so bored and frustrated. This is the time that is probably my downfall as I snack, prepare dinner and probably reward myself with food a bit too much. I felt antsy and irritated. A hot shower and an early night was necessary.

Day 2- I woke up feeling really heavy. I quite literally did not want to get out of bed. I felt cranky and I also could feel the beginnings of a spot on my chin. Given that I am 32 I had hoped these days were behind me!

Day 3 – From the outset I knew this day would be a challenge. There was no less than 4 events on, all with important clients. I bought two juices with me and I suppose at least having something made saying no to the pastries that lay in front of me just about OK. Surprisingly towards the end of the day I genuinely forgot I was on a cleanse or missing dinner. It was lovely!

Day 4 – Of all the days this was probably the hardest. I felt a bit unenthused at the lack of change. The juices taste lovely but I knew what to expect. Having them delivered on this day was particularly good as had I reason to be cooking in the kitchen or going to the supermarket I would definitely have caved in.

Day 5- I actually woke up feeling like I could go on and on but as I had said from the outset that I would only do four days full juice I didn’t. Juicing will affect those around you. It’a amazing to see how much of normal day to day activity revolves around going for food/coffee or eating. I definitely felt like I was almost letting people down by not eating. It’s a weird but I think you have to decide from the outset how many days you will do this for and explain to people you live with or that you will be meeting in advance.

We went to a place called Forno which had a gorgeous super food salad that was a really nice way to come back into the world!

Green Beards give you €1 back for all your empties which is cute little incentive.

Overall I am really glad I did it. Juicing gets very mixed opinions. Personally I love it and I do find it convenient but I know it’s not for everyone. I definitely will try cleanse again, maybe just for a day, sooner than later.

If you go on a juice fast these are my tips:

  • Know that you will feel strange and uncomfortable and just sort of weird. Initially I thought I was doing something wrong but in fact it’s all part of the process.
  • Look at your week ahead. If you will be in a restaurant study the menu in advance. When there and surrounded by all the amazing smells it’s far harder to resist.
  • Sleep as much as you humanly can
  • Avoid anyone you have a grudge with as manners go out the window circa day 3.
  • Remind yourself why you are doing this.

I knew that I had eaten far too casually for over 6 months and rewarded myself with treat foods. By comparison 4 days seems a pretty small price to pay.

  • Get Social -I found Instagram a massive motivation. Looking up #’s associated with juicing or juice cleanses was so, helpful. It can feel a bit isolating but according to Instagram the world is juicing!
  • Follow a plan or program. If you’re doing it yourself Jason Vale has an app that many find helpful. It also structures what you’re doing and has a proper shopping list. You need focus when surrounded by temptation.
  • Make twice if not triple all recipes.
  • Most of the hassle associated with juicing is down to chopping veg, and cleaning the juicer. The process only takes me 20 minutes start to finish but doing it twice a day is my limit, or my excuse!
  • Buy lots of flasks and have them filled or take them with you when you are on the run. Dealz or the €2 shop is great for that kind of thing.

For more information on Green Beards check them out 

Lots of love,

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