I have always been a fan of natural beauty products but ever since changing my diet I’ve become much more conscious of being more consistently vigilant in ensuring products I use (and promote) are cruelty free but also effective. All of these products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Skincare is a very personal but also practical thing for me being in my early 30’s. For a while I used coconut oil as a one size fits all products but it unsurprisingly caused breakouts and irritated my skin after a while.

In terms of natural beauty the range of products available is vast. I like to keep things fairly simple as unless it’s a Sunday and I am taking a bit more time with things, I like to keep it quick and effective.

Cleanser wise – I am currently using Boots Botanics Hydration Burst Dual Action Cleanser. The texture of this is amazing. It comes out thick, kind of like Vaseline, which smears over your face dissolving all your make up. The second you add water to it, it liquifies similar to Shu Uemura. Like most natural products it leaves your skin feeling clean but never stripped. This is frequently in the infamous 3 for 2 offers in Boots and at only €8.29 I think it’s a bargain.

Nimue Element Barrier

Nimue Element Barrier

If I am going to be outside in very cold weather (hello Ireland for the past 6 months!)  my usual moisturiser (more on that later) is just not going to cut it. I add Nimue Barrier Cream on top and have found it really effective. I’m doing my best to prevent thread veins and this seems to be a step in the right direction. It literally creates a ‘barrier’ over your skin to protect it from extreme weather (it also works in extreme heat). It’s ideal also for skiing.

For those near Dublin 2, you can get it in Rouge Beauty in Ranelagh, otherwise see nimueskin.com for stockist information


YonKa Excellence Code Mask

Since getting my first ever facial as a teenager with Yonka Products I have long been a fan. There is so much depth to aromatherapy on an emotional level which you can choose to buy into or not but personally I love it all. Since I don’t have a bath where I live I find the idea of a conventional face mask a bit less possible. Wandering around with one on feels a bit random. Queue the next discovery I didn’t even know I needed until it existed, the sleep in face mask. In short after cleansing you apply a layer of this to your skin and that’s kind of it. Leave it on to do it’s magic whilst you sleep. I have used this 6 times now and love both the ease and convenience of use and also the effect. I wake up feeling as if I have had a mini facial and my skin has been plumped with moisture. This is currently my go-to mask and I genuinely love it.

Organic Surge Hand and Nail Cream

The lavender smell is what I initially love about this. Secondly it doesn’t stay greasy on your hands like so many hand creams and thirdly it’s extremely cost effective given that it’s organic. I have cats which I like to obsessively pet and need to wash my hands about 500 times a day. This has become my go to hand cream and I also keep one on the bedside locker.


Nimue Eye Cream

I have tried a lot of eye creams and found most stung my eyes or were greasy and made my make up slip if I didn’t leave ages between using it and applying. This one is different and sinks in very quickly. It’s unscented and I had no reaction whatsoever to it. So far after two months of use I still seem to have loads left but I will definitely be replenishing when it hits base. Stockists information is as above for the Element Barrier.


Ren Express Make Up Remover

I had laser eye surgery about six years ago and I think maybe as a result of that my eyes are extra sensitive. Again as with eye creams I find anything too greasy or perfumed irritates my eyes and makes them weep and go red for a few hours after use. I have loved Ren products for a long time. Their Rose Body cream is wonderful but as this focus is on facial skincare that doesn’t make the cut this time!

This is a really effective, yet gentle and natural product that does the job in terms of getting rid of all my mascara so there’s no Britney style panda eyes the next day.

Murad Invisible Shield

This is like a cross between a Smashbox primer (i.e. amazing) and a really effective SPF. I didn’t know sun protection could be this light. When I first used it, it felt too light. I almost didn’t think there was anything there. But the facts and stats line up and this is a truly effective, perfect base for foundation, completely clear SPF. It feels like silicon on your skin and provides a brilliant canvas for foundation. The pump dispenser is also really good as it gives you just the right amount. Believe me you only need a tiny amount of it.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil

Trilogy Rosehip Oil

Trilogy Rosehip is a light scented oil that you can get in most health food shops. It’s apparently amazing for stretch marks but I didn’t see much change. I wasn’t religious in my application so that’s possibly where the fault lies.

I use it to do a quick (2 minutes) massage some evenings before bed, as a hair serum, on dry skin and on my cuticles.

On my snapchat recently someone asked for my advice on skincare for during a flight and I would highly recommend applying a layer of this onto clean skin. Your face will be drenched in moisture throughout your flight.


Anyway those are all the products I use and love currently. I hope some of them are your favourites too? Let me know your thoughts or if there are other natural skincare ranges I should try out?

Lots of love,

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