I am just back from an amazing event with Sebastian Poole who is one of the founders of Pukka herbal teas. It was a really insightful day and also really reassuring as he showed so much research into the benefit of natural supplements. I didn’t know their teas use medicinal grade herbs in them which have so many perks but more on that another time…


I, like most people, try to eat well but disorganisation, tiredness and occasional gluttony mean I don’t eat nearly as well, as clean or as fresh as I would like. I definitely think it’s to do with climate but seeing as I am happy living here and all my friends and family are here I kind of have to get past that at some stage!

When I first transitioned to Pescetarianism – which I now know is the correct terminology for someone who doesn’t eat meat, but does eat fish – I assumed that by juicing regularly I would be topped up with my requirements of vitamins. I expected to feel fabulous, light and energised.

Unfortunately a few months on this wasn’t the case. I felt tired more often than not. In my job sick days aren’t really an option ever so this was making me increasingly anxious. I chatted to Sophie Kavanagh who I train with in Number 17 Personal Training and she advised drawing up a food diary for a week which she then analysed.

"Upon her advice I began having a vegan protein shake with Almond milk after training."

I tried a few vegan proteins but this one from That Protein was definitely my favourite in terms of taste. The others tasted synthetically sweet. What I will say is that within a week of taking this I started to feel better. Rather than being shattered I felt like I could go to the gym and get on with the rest of my day. It has a very neutral taste and it doesn’t over power things at all. It’s also organic and raw. They have a mocha one for coffee lovers which Andrew really liked!

That addition made a huge difference to my recovery after training and I wouldn’t be without it now. You can buy That Protein in health food stores and here

Over Christmas Andrew’s mum was unwell and she was filling up on vitamins. She showed me the Revive Daily sachets and gave me some to take away with me. When they ran out and as we were entering January I bought a month’s supply. I have to say upfront they are not cheap but for me the benefits were threefold:

  1. Taking the sachet in a pint of water first thing in the morning got my water intake off to an excellent start.
  2. They taste delicious and are also so handy to have in your bag.
  3. Taking just one thing in the morning is much easier than opening 6 different bottles. Each sachet contains your RDA of so many vitamins and minerals – for a full list click here.

In terms of bulking up a smoothie, or a granola I love adding Chia Seeds. They swell and take on jelly like consistency which is great for thickening a smoothie. The benefits of Chia are basically that they are full of antioxidants, Omega 3 fats and fibre. There’s a good post with more detailed info here. I find having these on the counter close to hand means I add them to salads, porridge and yogurt easily.

I also add Spirulina to smoothies – just a tiny bit as it tastes really strong. I find this helps my nails grow really strong. It’s a huge source of natural protein and according to this article gram for gram may be one of the most nutritious foods on the planet!

I particularly like True Natural Goodness range as I find they’re better value than most and nearly all organic and very pure. The packaging is also great and keeps the light out once opened. They are available in most independent health food stores and they also have some really good recipes on their site which you can check out here.

Lastly Truivity is a beauty supplement primarily consisting of Vitamin C and Zinc. Jennifer Lopez is an ambassador for the product and you can see her ad here! It tastes really really fresh and of grapefruit when dissolved in water. Similar to Revive Active the convenience of this really drew me in. It’s also in a perfect 1 serving amount whereas when dishing things out of a massive jar I’m always wondering am I getting the quantity correct and also not sure how many servings I have left. Again a side benefit of this is that I found I was drinking more water as a result of taking it. You can buy Truivity here

Obviously I am not in any way qualified but personally speaking, taking all of the above has made me feel much more energised and I haven’t been sick or had a cold for well over six months at this stage.

Let me know what supplements you like or find the benefit from taking?

Till next week!

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