When I arrived into No 17 Personal Training back in March I was frazzled. Being somewhat naturally slim I avoided exercise entirely up until I was twenty. I never saw the fun side of team sports and once obligatory hockey could be abandoned in school I was delighted. During my twenties I dabbled but never really stuck to much consistently. Upon the recommendation of a friend I emailed John Belton and booked in for a chat.


To say the consultation was thorough would be a massive understatement. John possibly now knows more about my health than my family but essentially he was able to do a better job with that information. I started training with Kevin Belton his brother. There is also another brother there too (Liam), John’s girlfriend Sophie and a boxer dog called Bella and the atmosphere is welcoming and warm which is lovely.

Beginning training felt like another stressor, another thing to add to the ‘to do’ list initially. I found myself exhausted and questioning why I was taking on the expense and requirement to get up extra early. Because my schedule is very changeable training at 7.30 am was the only time I could consistently commit to. But that mindset started to change as I progressed.

"After about six weeks of training I genuinely began to notice a difference."

Mentally I didn’t feel as frazzled. Strangely my boyfriend noted that I used to always ring or text him positively after every session. Gradually I began to focus on the after-session burst of endorphins and it got easier to get up and into the gym with less complaining. It’s now become part of my life and I feel balanced overall as a result.

Some days I slink in in plain black leggings but I am trying to inject more colour into my life lately. The fun side of gym going is getting the gear. I went to JD Sports to pick up some pieces with the intention that I would have to love them for a long time. Decent sports gear is an initial investment but I think you do notice the difference.

I remember Adidas tracksuits in the Oasis 90’s heyday and I still think they’re cool. I love the primary colours of the red and blue.  On days when I wanted to be less bright I’ll wear each separately with either black or white basics.

This Nike Vest is incredibly supportive and extremely lightweight. It’s also long as I’m not at the stage where I want to go to the gym in anything cropped just yet.

I adore these Nike Flyeknit runners. They are incredibly light and feel as if they are moulded to my feet.


Though I was never hugely conscious of my weight the stress relief effect of exercise is near magical. Making a commitment to a trainer has opened up my mind to enjoying exercise in a way which I never had the opportunity to in school.

These are small lifestyle changes Kevin has encouraged that I stick to:

  • Drinking filtered water as against just tap. This Fill and Go Brita filter flask is handy.
  • Headspace is a great mediation app that I have now done 30 days on. I know it’s over about 4 months but it’s still a small feat. Ideally it should be daily but small progress is better than none.
  • Being consistent. Being in a relationship with a guy who religiously goes to the gym five times a week will always make you feel a bit lazy but for me committing to one session weekly and turning up is something of an achievement.
  • Checking in. After every ten sessions I have a full body assessment and a chat to see how things are progressing. Sometimes it sheds light on what needs to be tweaked and improved but equally it can also show a small victory. 

Lots of love,

Holly White Signature

Red Tracksuit bottoms – Adidas Blue Hoodie – Adidas Runners – Nike. Vest with inbuilt support- Nike. 

Shot by Aaron Hurley at No 17 Personal Training.