In terms of treatments I have to be honest and say that during my time as a beauty contributor and writer for Social and Personal I experienced a lot. Plenty were brilliant (and nearly all enjoyable) but some treatments were overrated. As a result I became more interested in caring for my skin more cost effectively at home (for products I currently love see – here-)

Holly White Druid's Glen

I am a huge fan of natural beauty. For me it makes sense to try and keep things as natural as possible, although as I am nearing 33 (!) I need results driven products.

Elemis is a range I have always been a fan of but I wasn’t really familiar with their facials. I was invited to try out the Biotec Facial in the Spa at the Druids Glen hotel over the weekend and enthusiastically said yes!

The treatment consists of 8 steps and is a pleasing combination of impossible to emulate at home high-tech machine techniques alongside some deep cleansing and massage.

Initially there was a two step cleanse – with two separate products both of which smelt amazing. This was followed by a Galvanic massage using rods with positive and negative charges (this is all gentle by the way) which deeply cleanses and redistributes your skin’s natural energy. I find I hold tension in my face and self massage doesn’t really break it down whereas this did. After this oxygen therapy began- this is basically a little pump that bursts pure oxygen onto your skin. Madonna is apparently obsessed with oxygen facials. This plumps your skin out in an amazing immediate way. I have to be honest and say having had Oxygen facials before the effect doesn’t last beyond a week or so but for events or an occasion where you really want to look your best this is a brilliant trick to have up your sleeve. 


Afterwards there is a micro current step which doesn’t hurt in the slightest, you can actually barely feel anything but I got a slight metallic taste in my mouth during the procedure. This is really stimulating and firms and tones your skin improving collagen and circulation and accelerating healing. My curling Iron burn was barely visible after this which was very pleasing. Last up there is a light therapy stage which powerfully anti-bacterial.

I have to say during most of this I dozed off. Whilst it all sounds technical what I loved was that it was actually genuinely relaxing, and also deeply cleansing and it really plumped out my skin. The whole treatment was an hour and fifteen minutes and my therapist (Emily) didn’t leave the room at any stage which is my absolute pet hate. 

The effect after a treatment like this is immediate and as there are no extractions my skin looked calm. I had planned on keeping my face make up free for the day but we were booked in for a meal in the restaurant Hugo’s and half the fun of dinner out is getting made and dressed up so that intention only lasted a few hours. I will say that my make up glided on really smoothly.

The meal was so delicious. I’m not sure when the wedding diet is supposed to start but any intention of sticking to it would be challenged here.

To start I had goats cheese and beetroot with their amazing homemade Guinness bread. As a main I had Monkfish with super creamy mash and vegetables. And for dessert when I spotted Lemon Tart on the menu I couldn’t resist – I adore lemon tart so much!

That night I took a sneaky selfie and have to say I was surprised at how plumped up my skin looked. For something natural and as I said if you have an event (or a wedding!!) on the horizon I highly recommend checking this out. I have foundation, concealer and eyeliner here but no filter on the image. It even plumps out your lips!


The next day we were nearly the last to arrive at breakfast in our slippers (typical behaviour!) and I tried to be slightly healthier than the night before.

Checking out I still felt glowy. This facial is going into my little black book !

The Elemis Biotec facial is priced at €110, however they have an introductory offer at €99 –  available mid-week until the end of May. For more information see

Lots of love,

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