Having lived abroad in both London for College and also Los Angeles (for my post on LA, see >here< ) I finally lost the travel bug and learned to truly love living in Dublin. 

Working in fashion I get to go to some gorgeous events in locations that I might not see otherwise so I decided to do a post sharing my favourite things to do, see and where to eat in Dublin. If I was to spend a day at my leisure these three places would be top of my list. 

Where to eat:

It's so tough to choose just one place to eat but if I had to decide it would be Balfes. Situated in front of The Westbury you get that gorgeous buzz of the comings and going that happen in a hotel foyer. To add to the people watching the food is seriously top notch. Ideally try and get the window banquette which is so comfy and gives you a great vantage over the whole restaurant. The food is healthy and so fresh and notably I love the cauliflower and Kale sides. 

What to see:

Merrion Square on a Sunday is one of those things that's so specially unique to Dublin. What makes it so lovely is all the art that's hung on the railings around the square. You can chat to the artists which is such an amazingly rare opportunity. Inside it's a perfectly manicured space. If you've kids there is a whole playground area but if you just fancy a quiet moment to yourself I find it so peaceful to just sit on the ground and enjoy some lunch! 

What to do:

If fashion is your thing then a trip to one of my favourite boutiques Bow and Pearl in Ranelagh is a must. Here it's all about the personal touch. The owner Bronagh has such lovely taste and there is such a predominant feeling of prettiness throughout the whole store. Everything has that tiny bit of magic and sparkle in it whether it's a party dress or a birthday card. Get a coffee across the road in Nicks. Their almond latte is particularly good. 

My last tip would be just wander if at all possible. I find when I walk into town most of the time my head is buried in my phone and I only look up to avoid narrowly walking into the middle of the road. Other times I'll walk down the same street and notice something completely different. Alternatively a window seat with a cup of tea or glass of red watching the world go by is heaven. This photo was taken in Catch 22 which is incredible for seafood and just off Grafton Street. 

If you want even more tips on what to see and do in Dublin here are ten more things!

Happy eating and drinking!

Lots of love,