July completely flew by!

I loved celebrating my birthday, detoxing and taking some time out but now I am back and work has been really busy. It's always a little worrying as a freelancer and I do get anxious wondering will things all disappear? Will the phone stop ringing?  But so far I am lucky that things have picked up where I left them off. I am writing this on what must be one of the sunniest days of the year. It's so gorgeous outside. I'm back at work and busy and adjusting to life with a second kitten.

I can safely say that 2 cats is more than enough. Will, the newest addition, is a British Shorthair, and 11 weeks old now. He is adjusting to his new place and making friends with Tom slowly but surely.

So let's get to it, here are some beauty items I am absolutely loving at the moment:

Kevin Murphy Haircare

I had started seeing this brand in salons and was immediately drawn to the packaging. It's very modern and fresh looking. I get my Gold Fever extensions done in Hession in Clontarf and they stock the range there. This is my second round of hair extensions this year and I am trying to be really good about taking care of them. I tried this Angel Wash and Angel rinse (shampoo and conditioner) and loved it.

Also the company very clearly state that they do not test on animals. I don't think anyone likes the idea of animal testing for their cosmetics and it's sort of brushed under the carpet with a lot of brands but not with this one which is reassuring.

IMG_0373 (1)
IMG_0373 (1)

Neom Mood Lifting Mist

One of my best friends (Hi Mary-Kate!) gave me these for my birthday from Seagreen which is a stunning boutique. The idea behind these is simple. When you need an uplift spray one around your home, the other more directly on you and use the roller ball on your pulse points. It's an organic essence pumped full of mood lifting essential oils and I have to say it smells truly divine. It genuinely does seem to create a perk in my mood, although I would say taking the time out and the deep breathing would also contribute to that. Either way this is a lovely thing to have on your desk and I keep the little rollerball in my handbag.


Flomar Lipstick in shade R05 'On Rose Frontier' 

A few months back I was invited to have my make up done by Derrick Carberry to experience the Flomar product range. Naturally Derrick is a fabulous make up artist but genuinely in my own make up routine I love the pigment in this lipstick. It's a perfect nude. I used to just use vaseline but since getting into nude lipsticks my make up feels more finished. This shade is perfect I find myself turing to it time and again. What's also great about the range is that it's very reasonable so if like me you occasionally lose items, leave them on shoots, taxi's or wherever other random place you can think of, it's not like losing your Tom Ford €50 lipstick if you get me. It's a cheap and cheerful range and great value.


Nimue Skincare

I am very cautious about a lot of things when it comes to skincare. My skin is really sensitive and gets really hot and red whenever I try anything too adventurous. However I was pleasantly surprised with the Nimue range. It's from South Africa and scent wise everything feels quite natural and neutral which I like.

In terms of removing make up it absolutely did the job. My skin felt comfortable after using it. Packaging wise the cleanser pump has a proper closing on it which is so handy for travel.

I also loved their Overnight Mask. You put it on as you would a moisturiser. It doesn't look like a mask in that it's clear and sinks in quite quickly. I was lucky enough to also experience a Nimue facial with Stella in Rouge Beauty in Ranelagh. Again so so impressive. Stella was incredibly thorough, didn't leave the room at any stage (my pet facial hate), extracted, massaged, steamed and deeply cleansed my skin. There is nothing worse than paying for a treatment and feeling short changed. If all experiences were as thorough as she was no one would be disappointed!

IMG_0376 (1)
IMG_0376 (1)

I'm off out to the sunshine!

I hope you get to enjoy the lovely weather!