I set out to make these today - the day before pancake Tuesday - thinking it would be easy to make a vegan pancake. Four attempts later I had an extremely messy kitchen, a near empty pantry and a full dishwasher but these simple delicious creations. In the end the simpler methods worked better which I am delighted as I wanted to make something that used easily accessible ingredients. 

Arrowroot naturally thickens and will create a fluffier lighter pancake. If you make the batter first and then the coconut and raspberry layers, which take about twenty minutes, even that is enough time. The batter holds overnight also if you find there's more than you can eat in one sitting. 

I topped these with the Nutmost Maple Walnuts and they add a lovely bit of crunch. Even if you don't like walnuts, you have to try these! They are so delicious that I actually polished off the two bags I had for decoration. 

Vegan raspberry and coconut pancakes, holly white


Let me know what you think of these and most importantly -Happy Pancake Tuesday! 


Vegan raspberry and coconut pancakes, holly white