Breakfast is one of my favourite meals of the day. Sadly it's one I rush more than most and get into the habit of having the same thing far too easily. With this in mind I got in touch with Erica from Homespun Foods who knows all about making the best possible breakfasts. 

She created Quinoa Crunch to offer all the benefits of quinoa and other plant-based proteins in a delicious ready made format which is also gluten, wheat and refined sugar free. I adore it. Below are her breakfast suggestions that blend the right amounts of healthy fats, plant proteins and good carbohydrates that balance your blood sugars levels and keep you going for longer.

Despite their name chia puddings involve no baking. In fact, the beauty is they take just a minute to prepare the night before, so they make a great grab and go breakfast the next morning.

Berry and Chia Pudding - the quick fix ! 

And enjoy! 

I hope you really enjoy these breakfast recipes and tag me or Homespun Foods if you make them! 

Lots of love, 


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