Working for myself and managing multiple projects at a time means I get very frazzled. I love what I do but structuring something creative is tricky. Chill Insurance asked me to blog on how I keep calm on the go. Sorting home insurance with  allows you to focus upon the smaller things that make a real difference...

Magnesium and Supplements. 

Magnesium is reknown to help with muscle relaxation. I take a few drops of this in water especially the day after training and it really helps. I also have started Oil Pulling - which is a technique where you swill oil around your mouth and it liquifies toxins in your mouth which you then spit out. I carry these Coco-Baci sachets and it's not very glam but I do find it quite relaxing as it forces me to stop talking and focus on one thing for a short period of time. It also naturally whitens your teeth. I'm also taking Imedeen, and have been for a few months now. 


I'm always on my phone, most likely way too much, so I love taking pen to paper and properly writing. I've always kept a journal since I was about 14. Sometimes it's just lists, other times it's paragraphs of random streams of conscience. I'm currently using a happiness planner and I enjoy filling in the little gratitude boxes and the structure it puts on journaling. It's a very beautiful book too which makes it an even more enjoyable experience. 

Aromatherapy and Soothing Skincare


Just over three weeks ago I had a really bad reaction to a skin treatment and in the space of 48 hours my face erupted in angry red spots. It's was a horrible experience and it really taught me a lesson in not taking my skin for granted. I got onto Catherine who is one of the educators in Yonka and she immediately prescribed Creme 11 which is very soothing and reduces redness. Amazingly it worked and within a few days of letting it breathe and keeping it meticulously clean and just using this cream and the Yonka lotion it camed down and healed. 

I always have these in my bag now and it my skin feels irritated I apply a little of the cream or use the spray if feeling dry and tense.  I also love these little Aromatherapy rollerball tubes. I rub them on my wrists and breathe it in. 

Keep Reading.

Like so many people I spend a crazy amount of time looking at my phone or my computer screen and it's so difficult to read an article online and not be distracted by something on social media popping up. I love reading cooking books and anything on new-age spirituality and find they really help me to switch off. My current favourites are Deliciously Ella With Friends and The Law of Attraction.  

Stay Hydrated. 

Andrew first pointed out to me that occasionally headaches could be related to dehydration and although it sounds so simple I've found the most effective solution. My work lacks routine and I crave the buzz of coffee far more than water but lately I have been adding 2 teaspoons of Super Elixir to a flask and taking it with me. It tastes very mild considering all the green goodness that's in it. Genuinely as simple as it sounds, adding more water to my routine has really helped my stress and energy levels. 

Take Fifteen When You Can

Once my day gets started I find it tricky to sit down and stop for more than fifteen minutes but I love those moments so much. Chilling out for a few minutes with an almond latte is heavenly. I love those moment throughout the day and I feel the benefits of relaxation outweigh the caffeine damage! 

I hope these solutions are useful to you all!

Let me know what you do to stay chilled?

Lots of love, 


*Thank You To for Collaborating with me on this piece.