When it comes to getting a dairy free latte nowadays it's much easier, that said some places are doing it exceptionally well and these are a few I would recommend checking out:

The Press Cafe

The Square, Dublin Southside, Dublin

 Price of an almond milk latte :€ 2.80

Has wifi :)

Why I love it -  With an amazing menu to include plenty of veggie options the is the ideal brunch spot with indoor/outdoor seating and a cozy reading area. It's right next to the National Print Museum if you felt like being cultured.. 

38 Camden Row, Dublin 8

 Price of an almond milk latte: €2.80

 No wifi :-(

Why I love it - A bright vibrant space that's the perfect spot to grab a coffee to go. They also have free porridge in the mornings - you just pay for the toppings. It's the people that set it apart also. I guarantee you will leave with a smile. The only downside is there is no seating. 

Wolf Tone Square, Jervis St, North City, Dublin 1

 Price of an almond milk latte:€ 3.30

 No wifi :(

Totally unique place for a coffee break. Also has additional seating outside the tram to grab a quick bite to eat in the sunshine. 

7 Tara St, Dublin 2

 Price of an almond milk latte : € 3.50

Has wifi :)

Why I love it - They had five dairy-free options, gorgeous juices and lots of treats and fresh pastries. The wooden seating, easy menu options ( black, white, long and short are the only words you need to know) and character are why I love it here. 

The Glass House, House 11 D07 WNP2, Coke Ln, Smithfield, Dublin 7

 Price of an almond milk latte : € 3.50

Has wifi :)

Why I love it - Friendly atmosphere and free wifi. Out of all the places this is the one I felt you would truly relax and stay for a while, working away on your laptop.  The coffee is locally roasted coffee and was genuinely memorable. 

 I hope you enjoyed all these. If you have other places I should check out, just let me know? 



Images - Kirsten Trower.