I spent the best part of my twenties owning concealer and mascara and avoiding all the other goodies. To be honest I was scared of make up and wary of the salespeople behind the counters. I didn't want to make expensive mistakes buying the wrong products I didn't know how to use so I favoured a very natural look.


I think it was a mix of the explosion of youtube with incredible people like Lisa Eldridge and Charlotte Tilbury sharing their tricks and also getting a little older and needing more help that made me re-explore make up. Now I love the fact that I can wake up with dark circles and at least do something about them and I really enjoy that time before heading out or filming getting all my products together and giving it my best shot. I have a set up at on the window sill where the light is really good and a complete clutter of products. 


I am by no means a professional at all so when Shiseido contacted me to see if I would like a make up tutorial with Danielle Mahon who is an award winning make up artist I was delighted and eagerly said yes. One top tip I have is if ever you are getting a make up lesson - keep your phone near and photograph the exact products you like as you'll never remember it all. 


 I wanted to learn what key products create a natural look and also, say if I was going out after work, what would make it a more evening look in a few steps. Also as many of you know I am committed to using cruelty free products and Shiseido has eliminated animal testing for ingredients formulated for quasi-drug products and cosmetics as well as for internal safety assessment.

Below are the steps and products Danielle used on me to create both looks using Shiseido products. 


·  Firstly Danielle used Shiseido Refining Makeup primer. It keeps foundation on for longer and contains ingredients which neutralise redness which I get a little of especially as the Winter comes in with central heating inside and cold outside. She followed with foundation using Synchro Skin Golden 2.  This has a demi matte finish which suits all skin types with an SPF 20, and has no camera flash back which is very useful for brides especially if they are marrying abroad and need SPF. She added Concealer in sheer Eye Zone number 103 which has a pink undertone to neutralise dark circles.


·        For my brows Danielle used the Natural eyebrow pencil followed by the luminizing Satin Colour Trio for a soft blend in eye socket to keep the look natural, yet defined. 


 ·  For the cheeks Danielle used Rouge Rouge in Hushed Tones. It's a lipstick but looks dewy and balmy on cheeks too.  She lined the eyes with the Shimmering Cream Eye Colour in black and added strip lashes and Full Lash mascara.        


·        Danielle finished the look off with the Rouge Rouge Hushed Tones for a soft creamy pretty lip. 


 The final natural look !

3 steps to turn this day look into a nighttime look:


·         Firstly Danielle added more shadow in the socket and under the eye for a soft smoky eye. I loved this as it instantly transformed the whole look. 


·         Danielle then create a prefect feline flick to bring more of an edge to the look by adding to the liner.


·         Finally, Danielle used lip liner RD702 and gloss Be102 for a nude glam finish and I was all done! 


Inspecting the final look! 

I really hope you enjoyed this and maybe get to try the look out yourself. Also keep an eye on my Instagram as I will be running a competition to win some of the products featured in this article!



*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Shiseido make up although all opinions and words are my own.  For more information please see my disclaimer.