I think everyone born in the 80's sadly entered their teenage years at a time when thin brows were in. 

My original brows. They were full at the front but very thin towards the end. 

My original brows. They were full at the front but very thin towards the end. 

I plucked mine to within an inch of my life. I didn't think much of it until about four years ago when eyebrows were very much a thing again. Brow bars were popping up all over the place and a whole rake of new products appeared. I booked into those highly rated threading places and to be honest never felt like they delivered the face changing effects they promised. 

All this changed when I finally got an appointment with Kim O'Sullivan in The Dublin Make Up Academy. Kim is a lovely person to be around. She is passionate about beauty and she runs a ship-shape business where you are greeted with a smile. People might wonder how does one person have so many clients applauding her work and I think it comes down to her genuine love of making people feel gorgeous

I first went to Kim for HD Brows and she actually made them thicker by finding lots of little baby hairs and tinting them. She also showed me how to fill them in with her technique which I tried to do myself but it was never quite as nice as when she did it. 

Gradually the shape returned but there was still some gaps mostly at the end of them where they were very thin. 

Kim is a phi-brow master which is a semi-permanent micro blading technique. After about a year I wanted something more long-lasting. This lasts 12-18 months. The ink used is customised to your exact skin tone. It's a much more superficial and natural looking treatment than most on the market and rather than harsh lines you get a light feathery stroke. 

The treatment felt like a scratching on my skin and I was more anxious about it hurting than it turned out to be. I'm not saying it was painless but it wasn't bad. It lasted just over an hour. 

Upon leaving my first appointment my eyebrows looks Enormous! They were so huge and so dark but Kim assured me that they would fade dramatically over the coming days. You are required to avoid saunas and sweaty exercise and have to use a healing cream twice daily for the first week to help them settle and heal. 

Within the first month mine faded and by the time I went for my top up I knew I had the type of skin that would actually need a second top up a month after that. 

Once I had my second top up I had exactly the brows I wanted and they lasted. I was also more prepared for the heavy look for the first few days so made sure to have a day or two at home working quietly away. 

Now six weeks on I am so happy with the end result. I feel my face is framed so much better and they look full but still natural. It's also a huge timesaver in the morning. 

I find I don't need any product on natural days but if I want them more defined I use a tiny amount of either Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil in shade 4 which is great to take travelling as it has the little brush on the end. Alternatively my failsafe brow product has been Colour Wow in Medium Brown. This is actually for covering up grey roots but is also a great brow product. I use the Blank Canvas E30 brush with this. It's quite fine and stiff so you get a precise application.  


Techniques like Phi-Brow are amazing but if I could offer any caution it would be to build a relationship with whoever you decide to allow do the treatment. If can seem frustrating booking in for a shape and tint when you want to jump straight in but I just wouldn't advise it unless you are 100% sure. 

Let me know if you have any questions below?

Lots of love, 


For more information on Phi-Brows see >Here< or visit The Dublin Make Up Academy Site.