I've never been too trend driven. As I've discussed before I hate the idea of being a slave to trends or buying disposable clothing. I'm into pieces that will last and that I can turn to time and time again and that will become mainstays in my wardrobe. 


That said it's always nice to update those key pieces. It can be something subtle but it's a little refresher for your wardrobe from season to season. These are my tips to gently stay on trend. 

Stick To A Familiar Colour Palette. 

Last week I hosted an evening in Bow and Pearl in Ranelagh which is a boutique I turn to frequently. Bronagh the owner has a great eye and really knows her customer but what I love most is that everything feels genuinely more expensive than it actually is. On a few key occasions such as my Bridal Day Out when I wanted something really special I arrived in her store and within fifteen minutes was sorted with something pretty, feminine and also unique. For the event I was able to wear a look from the store and this gave me the opportunity to explore Velvet. There's a lot of velvet this season and whilst I love it I wanted something failsafe. I will always naturally favour darker shades of navy, black (I know!) and this pleated velvet skirt was an easy step to take whilst still ticking the trend box. 




This 70's will always be consistently stylist but sometimes their influence comes closer to the forefront more than usual. If you don't exactly feel like revamping your wardrobe to include full-on bellbottoms an accessory to two can inject just a little 70's into a look. I loved this little headpiece and thought it lifted a soft blow-dry into something a bit more structured. 



Work With Pieces You Already Have

Sticking with a few pieces you already know you love and feel comfortable in makes any venture outside your comfort zone easier. I think we all probably have a simple black camisole or basic piece we love and my advice would be when working with separates, retain one piece of your existing wardrobe in your new look. Keeping the top of this look basic kept me out of full on retro velvet territory.  I also added my classic Judith Leiber clutch that was a gift and being black goes with so much. 



Sentimentality Should Always Override

The older I get, the more I love certain things just because of what they mean to me. Andrew and I celebrated our second anniversary down in Dingle a few months back and there in a very cute shop that sells Mo Muse pieces and he bought me this star pendant to mark the occasion. Jewelery with a story behind it surpasses particular trend and becomes uniquely personal. Equally I love the Alex and Ani Bangles and this one is for Love, Radiance and Strength which is nice to have on! 



Stay True To Yourself

Above all else the reality is that trends come and go, almost cyclically. Those who binned their 90's chokers are buying them again and timeless images of Audrey Hepburn will genuinely never date. Were someone wearing her classic rollneck, skinny tailored trousers, and a flat pump today they would look as relevant as she did then.  If you choose not to embrace something this time round, maybe next time you'll want to, above all buy what you genuinely love, and buy the best you can and it will serve you well!

Till next week!



Skirt, Top & Hairband - Bow and Pearl. Bag - Judith Leiber. Bracelets - Alex and Ani. Star Necklace - Mo Muse. Green Choker - A Box for My Treasure

Images -Johnny Mcmillan