When it comes to giving present guides I wanted to compile a list of things that fell into the beauty realm but were easy enough to purchase without worrying about getting the right shade or colour which can be really stressful. All of these are beautiful, timeless items I honestly think anyone would love! 

Scent is a really personal thing but there are two products I am using all the time. I met the owner of FloraPlusFiona and she told me about her fabulous blends and body oils but what instantly caught my eye was this Carry on Travel Oil.  It's a mix of oils that are historically known to have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Ravintsara, Sweet Marjoram, Niaouli, zesty Lemon and sweet Red Orange. Roll Carry-on Oil over pulse points and breathe in deeply at departure and in-flight for a natural support. If you know anyone travelling a lot, this is a really thoughtful gift. 

Creed Virgin Island Water was designed to evoke the scent of the Caribbean. I don't typically like sweet scents but this is on another, entirely more sophisticated, level to other perfumes. I attended a scent masterclass and when you learn about the work that goes into creating a scent like this it takes on a whole other dimension. Simultaneously fresh and warm, this uplifting scent radiates Jamaican lime and coconut and honestly smells like paradise. 

Closer to home and moving into stocking fillers these Human and Kind Deep Cleansing Cloths are so incredibly soft that after using them you would find it hard to go back to using a facecloth on your face. They are reasonable enough to stockpile them up so you can daily rate them to keep them hygienic and freshly laundered. 

Lastly when it comes to my hair products I am constantly looking out for sulphate and paraben free brands. Amika Nourishing mask has Jojoba Seed Oil,Vitamin C, the antioxidant that assists in hair growth and sea buckthorn and is safe for color-treated, Brazilian-treated and Keratin-treated hair. It's a really fun brand and my hair felt super smooth. 

The Trish Mcevoy Make Up Planner is one of the most unique things. Every year I swear I will get organised. It's safe to say there is space to improve but this little wallet holds so much. You buy the wallet and then the individual inserts but it's cleverly designed to really maximise space. For someone who hates digging into their handbag to find their lipstick, this will be a godsend. 

Jo Loves is a really special company. I have now read Jo Malone's book which I recommend to anyone who wants a good Christmas read and I feel she's a true beauty legend. Her perfumes are gorgeous and I have written a lot about wearing White Rose and Lemon Leaves on my wedding day. Her candles are equally sublime and literally only need to be burned for a few minutes to get the scent throughout the room. The Christmas Candle is luxurious from the moment it arrives in a crisp white box and the thickest red ribbon. The scent itself is layers of fresh pine, aromatic lavender, incense and amber on top of Plum Pudding, full of candied citrus fruits, which rests upon a base Log Fires. It comes with a glass lid to protect it from dust. 

Lastly this year whilst writing our thank you cards after the wedding I realised how much a simple card or note is appreciated. Whilst it's definitely more convenient to text or email, a handwritten note means so much. One way of making it a little easier is to get nice cards and paper, or in this case hope to be given them. Monoset do gorgeous gift boxes and have great templates that make it very easy to select what details you want on the cards. I think these would make anyone happy! If you use the code Holly30 you get 30% discount also! 

Anyway those are just a few ideas and suggestions if you are at a loose end, or need a post to send onto someone dropping a not so subtle hint!

Lots of love, 


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