When it comes to make up I have always favoured a natural look over any trend, that said at the moment it seems to be all about getting gorgeous glowy skin, and I want to join in on this asap.

I've been testing lots of different variations from primers, bases to finishing powders that are all completely vegan and cruelty free and these are all my favourites and how I use them:  

Start Fresh

I go on and on about the Yonka Gommage as genuinely it gives you smooth glowy skin so easily and so gently. This gives you a super-smooth canvas to work from for the next steps. As discussed in my last post about skin hydration keeping your skin well moisturised is essential. I always like to use a spritz of the lotion throughout the day to refresh my skin too. 

Layer It Up

After moisturising I love to layer on the glow and one of my current favourite products is the Tata Harper Illuminating Moisturiser. The glow in this is achieve by diamond particles that are milled so finely it sinks in so easily and you are left with a really natural looking radiance. If you want to amp things up a bit more the Liquid Aura from Urban Decay will do just that. On it's own I think it's a bit obvious but mixed with foundation I think it creates a gorgeous night time very Victoria Beckham kind of glow.  I also love the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer and find it blends really well too. 

If you are looking for a more reasonable option Seventeen and also the No. 7 options are good however they are quite oily but perfect for dry or normal skin types. 

If you want coverage and glow combined with SPF then I think the Bare Minerals Complexion rescue is a great option. I'm a huge fan of mineral make up and this is my go to on days when I don't want too many layers of product on my skin. I apply with my fingers and buff it in with a Blank Canvas F 06 brush which I love as it's so dense and smoothes things really quickly. The rose gold is an added touch and they're vegan also. 

Brighten The Eyes

For under the eye area there are two standout products I've been using a lot. I've had dark circles all my life and what I hate is that they make me look wrecked. Piling concealers on the area gets cakey very quickly but both of these have lots of illumination in them which reflect the light back and brightens the whole area much more effectively. Trish McEvoy is a brand I am becoming more familiar with after attending a fabulous lunch hosted by the woman herself.  This instant eye lift is great but you have to work quickly with it as it sets rapidly. Otherwise the Bare Minerals Stroke of light is lovely. It can crease a little under the eyes so be careful not to use too much product to set it afterwards. 

Finishing Touches

When it comes to getting those final glowy touches these two are in rotation at the moment. I try to use a fan brush like this one from Spectrum as it keeps things super light and it's very hard to overdo anything with it as it doesn't hold much product. I know there are all those memes about seeing highlighter from space but I do prefer something a little more subtle. For a very reasonable option the Technic Highlighting powder is so reasonable and very buildable. Lastly I think the Bare Minerals Invisible Glow is very good. It has flecks of bronze through it so wouldn't work well on very pale skins but with a light tan it looks lovely. 

Let me know if any of these are your favourites too? 

Lots of love,