When it comes to make up nowadays I find myself wanting to use more natural products. I'm still results driven but I would prefer as little toxicity as possible going onto my skin. 

This is my current favourite natural make up routine. Just two products aren't completely natural and all are cruelty free. 

0.20 - Yonka Lotion & Hydra Number 1 - http://fave.co/2w1IhzG 

0.30 Tata Harper illuminating Eye Cream http://fave.co/2vsIqIF 

.39 Botanics Radiance Balm  http://fave.co/2w1kqjj 

.44 Yonka Creme Teinte http://www.yonka.ie/product/creme-teintee

.56 Emma Hardie Lip Balm http://fave.co/2vswZAR  

1.00 Bare Minerals Performance Wear Shade 07http://fave.co/2vsCvU0 

1.20 Colour Caramel Shade 31 http://couleurcaramel.ie/perfect-complexion-concealer/ 

1.59 Benecos Coffee and Cream palette http://fave.co/2w0Y0yE 

2.20 Blank Canvas E30 http://fave.co/2vsy1wJ 

2.36 Charlotte Tilbury Eye Cheat http://fave.co/2vsnAJm 

2.53 Bella Pierre Mineral Foundation in Ivory http://fave.co/2w1s8u2 

3.18 Using Eco Tools Eye Enhancing Duo http://fave.co/2w0UqVd 

4.34 Benecos Rose Quartz  http://fave.co/2vsfQHr 

4.50 Face 2 Gel Liner http://fave.co/2vsxta7 

5.10 Bare Minerals Lash Domination http://fave.co/2vs9Crc 

5.24 Bella Pierre Mineral Blush in Dessert Rose http://fave.co/2vshtop 

5.34 Cailyn Triple Highlighter Palette http://fave.co/2tpU5Mn 

6.12 Dr Paw Paw Balm http://fave.co/2vs4jIg 

6.16 Bella Pierre Lip Cream - Incognito   http://fave.co/2w0ZuJe

Let me know how you get on if you try this look out?!

Lots of love,

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