I love polkadots, always have, always will. This season they are everywhere and I've made a few additions to my wardrobe to include this top and this dress andI know they are pieces I will love for years to come. 

It was the neckline of this dress that initially caught my eye. I love an off-the-shoulder dress that has sleeves as it's a bit glamorous but also practical and covering up my arms. 

I read a style quote recently that really resonated with me. It went along the lines of never wearing black tights unless absolutely necessary. Naturally when it's freezing I'm going to layer up, but a bare leg does showcase whatever you are wearing so much better and brightens an all-black look. 

With that in mind I was delighted when Una, the proprietor of Anu Beauty, invited me in for a Candela Laser hair removal top up. I got lots of lasering done years ago but had started to notice small patches of regrowth coming through and with my May wedding in mind it was the perfect time to get it done. Honestly it didn't hurt at all and I had my full leg, bikini and underarm done within an hour. I love all salons but the boutique ones will always have a place in my heart as I feel you get such great service when someone's name is above the door. It's also so important to support independent businesses. 

My hen is next weekend and things are starting to feel very real. I'm getting so excited and also really upping my beauty routine. I am trailing a James Reade Spray tan next week and I got a gorgeous french Gelish in Burgundy Beauty today so by the time May comes around I will know exactly what appointments to book in. 

Hope you all had a gorgeous weekend!



For more information on Anu Beauty - check out their website here. 

Images by Brid O'Donovan.