It feels a bit random writing about suncreams when we really haven't had anything that resembles  a Summer at all. I don't think 2 days in a row have passed where there wasn't a shower in one. That said you should be wearing SPF everyday. These are my tried, tested and loved choices:

Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturizer - SPF 50 

The SPF coverage this gives is amazing and there is no white ghosty look on your skin. It's has a matt finish which is unlike a lot of others I tried which were very shiny. It does need a few minutes to set into your skin before you apply make up so make sure to allow a little extra time when using it. 

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Murad City Sense SPF 50 

This is a completely mineral based suncream that has a peach hue to it and no scent whatsoever. Being completely natural I would doubt anyone with sensitive skin would react in anyway. It leaves your skin very glowy, unlike the Alpha-H mentioned above and is silky smooth. 


Nimue Sun-C Tinted SPF 40

If you want something tinted I have tried a few and to be honest found the consistency of them very lumpy and the colour match terrible, until I tried this. It comes in three shades and the light works well on my skin tone. Often I am so naturally pale even the pale versions are too dark! This gives a very light but effective coverage for areas of light discolouration or redness. 


Yonka Solar Care SPF 25

When I am away and not planning on wearing any make up this is my go-to suncream. Like all Yonka products it has the quintessence (essential oils of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme) and Fruit extracts such as vegetable glycerin and urea which are anti-wrinkle, hydrating, renewing. 


Boots Botanics Hydration Burst Day Cream- SPF 15

This has a very light texture and if you find your skin reacts to suncreams it's a a good choice for sensitive skin. The protection is low so it's not suitable for holidays but as an easy everyday cream this is lovely and very reasonable. 


Hopefully that's of some help and if you are off somewhere lovely anytime soon, enjoy! 

Lots of love, 

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