Be the Belle of the Ball with TK Maxx


'Will you come to my Debs?' should be magical words!

With Spring just upon us there's an air of excitement. Spring weddings, College Balls, Debs and lots of gorgeous excuses to glam up are just around the corner.

Getting all dressed up should be one of life's greatest pleasures but the reality is it can be a pretty stressful and expensive ordeal. I've been to so many balls, and squeezed in four Debs and learned the hard way what not to do.

Here are 6 things I wish I knew about attending glamorous events-

Keep things simple


A beautiful dress doesn't need much embellishment at all.

In terms of an up-style, gone are the days of something lacquered to your head and hair sprayed to within an inch of it's life. The Olsen Twins have a 6 clip maximum dictate to their stylist and they always top the best dressed lists.

In terms of make up be conscious that it can run, you could get stuck in lashing rain, and portaloo bathrooms don't always have great lighting to retouch. Waterproof mascara is a must.


Full length is Fabulous

It's actually quite rare you get the chance to wear a gorgeous long dress. It's not the kind of thing you would catch most people throwing on every weekend. When the opportunity comes to wear something long and gorgeous embrace it.

Try a flat shoe

Being 5 foot 9 means I never wear heels for the extra height and I hate the discomfort. Wearing a floor length gown means that your feet and shoes are almost hidden. I love the idea of wearing a gorgeous sequin flat, like these, both for comfort and also because Trinity College is full of cobblestones and it's much easier to navigate them in a glamorous flat than a vertiginous heel!

When people are wincing with pain or walking around shoes in hand you can inwardly smile.

Pack only the essentials

A little clutch can be all the jewellery you need but there's not too much extra space.

Pair your essentials down to a minimum, cash, credit card, keys, phone, concealer and lip gloss for touch ups, and try squeeze them all in. Don't be weighed down lugging half your make up bag with you.  You probably won't get the chance to use it at all anyway!

Leave on time

No one wants to wait in a queue for hours or miss the headline act. It's near impossible to round up the troops and get there on time but if someone lives near the venue suggest getting ready there and leave with loads to time to spare. You may feel ridiculous walking around town in full glam at 4 PM but if you're first in line to be front of stage, whose laughing now?!

Lastly, enjoy the moment

My parents still speak of going to the Trinity Ball 40 years on. It's a cliché but these events truly are special and will be remembered for a long time. Memories, marriages and more are made at College Balls. If there's an after-party somewhere, say yes, and go. If you can get off work the next day do. There will be times in life when you don't have the luxury of choice so if at all possible make sure there is no pressure for the morning after.

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