How To Buy Designer At A Discount

It's a cliché but to be honest sometimes there is nothing nicer than having a gorgeous new dress and a party to wear it to!


Last week I was down in Kilkenny hosting an event for TK Maxx loyalty card holders. I'm getting married in Kilkenny next May so my mum and I decided to make a trip of it and squeeze in some wedmin with the hotel on the Friday morning and stretch it out a little longer. 

The event itself was a huge success and there was a great crowd which I was thrilled with. The next day we met with the hotel staff in Mount Juliet where we are getting married and tied up some loose ends. To be honest it still feels like ages away so it was a very chilled out meeting and with some time to spare we went into Kilkenny town for a wander. 

My mum used to own a boutique herself and always finds great places and had heard of a consignment shop called The Wardrobe. Having bought my dream Chanel bag from a pre-loved shop I've always been lucky, but I couldn't imagine getting as lucky as I did. 

When we arrived the shop was really busy initially - it's quite a neat space but immediately I had a good feeling about it. I'm a very instinctive shopper. I spotted a gorgeous pair of Louboutins, some incredible Missoni knitwear and amazing Louis Vuitton bags straight away.    


The owner of the boutique Yvonne has an incredible eye as within five minutes of us arriving my mum was trying on a coat and I was trying on the most incredible Temperley dress she had pointed out. It was so beautiful. It fitted perfectly. Originally it cost €1,200 - and there it was priced €125!  Yvonne told me that it came from a London client who updates her wardrobe every season and sells the pieces there and it was barely worn. 


I tried on a few pieces I loved - a Chloe jumper, a Roberto Cavalli Shirt, and a leopard print Dior Dress and while I liked them all, I loved the dress even more. 

Hand on heart I had always dreamed of owning a Temperley Dress. It's the boho prettiness that I love so much. Honestly I had to have it


I also left with another dress by Anna Sui, that originally cost €700 but was on sale for €250. It's a very me kind of dress and will look gorgeous with an ankle boot and tights. 

I feel I'm a relatively good shopper. I don't ever put myself under pressure to buy into any sort of trend but what I will say is - if a bargain presents itself - you have to grab it !


Mum and I left happy and to be honest even more excited about the next six months ahead. I've been to so many weddings over the years it almost feels surreal to be planning my own but I am enjoying it all. I think there's a lot going on in the world at the moment that is both challenging and out of our control and it makes me realise how important it is to enjoy the moment, create the happy memories, and buy the dress - the occasion will come! 


Two days later an invite popped into my inbox to attend the Peter Mark Colour Trophy awards with a one word dress code: Glam! 

It was between either dress but I put up a Facebook post asking which you would recommend and the Temperley won by a mile so it was an easy decision in the end. I do look forward to wearing the other one though!


I got my hair done by Holly - who I go to regularly and she did a gorgeous loose natural up-style. 


I added some bangles and kept everything really simple. I think a good dress doesn't need much more. 


Surrounded by glamour at the awards I was so happy I had got the dress. I hope it brings lots more happy memories!

If you are the kind of person who has a little bit of patience to rummage, or has some beautiful pieces you would like to sell, I definitely recommend you check out the shop if you are down or else follow them on their social media. Their Facebook and Instagram pages are regularly updated with fabulous new arrivals that are quickly snapped up! I'll be bookmarking it !

I really hope you enjoyed this weeks piece!

Till next week!



The Wardrobe Kilkenny is to be found at 2 William Street, Kilkenny. They are open Monday to Saturday 10-6. Any queries can be sent to or on 056 7715542.