Styling Archive by Alexa*

Ever since she was on Popworld I have adored Alexa Chung. I could try and act cool and pretend I don't care about celebrity fashion but her scruffy effortless casual look redefined style for me. 


I even tried her infamous bob which will never be revisited. It was horrific on me and made me realise that there were only certain elements of her style I could ever potentially emulate. 

Haircuts aside her clothing is thankfully much more universal so I was absolutely thrilled when I was asked to collaborate on her second Archive By Alexa collection for Marks and Spencer and style some of the pieces.



Alexa has gone back through the archives of the whole Marks and Spencer back catalogue and picked out pieces and prints and refashioned them for today. Firstly I loved this Templar Coat. It's modelled on a a coat that was originally part of the children's wear collection in the nineties. I love the buttons up the front and gorgeous navy colour. The day we shot this was very cold but I felt so cozy wrapped up with this on. 


In terms of styling I would usually let one key piece of print do the talking. This Harper silk cami top caught my eye. The length on it is really long which is great if you want something a bit more flattering on you stomach area. It also has quite thick shoulders so you don't feel too exposed at all in it. Obviously being November it wasn't warm enough to wear it on it's own but the Navy Wellington Jumper has quite wide shoulders so you could see a peek of the leopard coming though. 


I wore navy jumpers in school and at the time didn't appreciate how lovely they are. To be honest this is the kind of piece I will live in. It was originally designed in the seventies and it's like one of those comforts that just appears in your wardrobe and you find yourself wearing it constantly!


I picked this Kirkgate skirt to go with it all because it's such a versatile piece. An A-Line skirt is so much more flattering on than anything clingy and also much more comfortable. I really liked the shine on this too.  I felt with everything else quite matte it brought a bit of contrast to the overall look. It's really high waisted so if I was going out I would probably tuck the cami top into it - and try and pry myself away from the jumper. 


To finish the look I fell in love with these crushed velvet boots. They have a pure feeling of 70's vintage glamour but are also so current now. The heel on them is low enough for daytime also  

One thing I will say is that they are quite generously sized so it you are between sizes maybe go down, as against up, which I usually automatically do. 

Normally I will add a pair of tights to keep things a bit warmer but when Brid and I shot this it was one of those extremely rare crisp November days when it's sunny and still and being so far away from Summer you appreciate it all the more! 


The Archive by Alexa collection is in store now. 

I really hope you enjoyed this collaboration !

Lots of love 



*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Shopping links /Archive by Alexa. All choices, styling and words are my own. For more information please see my Disclaimer.