My Italian Style Diary

As Summer’s go weather-wise this year has not been great. Whilst there have been moments of vaguely sunny weather, it’s been pretty gloomy overall. All Summer long what has kept me going was a gorgeous invitation to celebrate the marriage of one of my best friends in Lake Como.

Holly White
Holly White
Holly White


Having never been to Como I had no idea what to expect but I knew it would be a glamorous affair. Visions of George and Amal oozing glamour were at the forefront of my mind.

I was given this Ted Baker outfit by my parents for my birthday in July and knew being so glam it needed the right affair to be worn to.

What I love is that I can wear the pieces separately. The skirt will look lovely with a cashmere jumper coming into Winter and the top look great with a high-waisted pair of skinny black trousers I have.

Holly White

We booked into an Air BnB just 4 kilometres from the venue and were blown away. Andrew and I have had such good Air BnB experiences and when we went to LA were so happy with where we were staying. The place was shared between ourselves and 2 other couples and could easily have fitted more comfortably. There was a supermarket nearby it was easy to stock up for breakfasts and a great kitchen for me to make the millions of cups of green tea I like to make at ease. ( I have a pet hate for being overcharged for tea in hotels)

On the day of the wedding things weren’t kicking off until 3 pm so we had a leisurely start and plenty of time to preen.

"Waking up and seeing the lake from our balcony was such a beautiful sight!"

The bride had arranged for a fabulous Italian hairdresser to be in her hotel to do blowdries. I have hair that becomes like Monica’s in Friends  when it comes to humidity so opted for an up style. What he did was lovely but I ruffled it up a bit once I was out of his sight. When it comes to dressing myself I always like to keep something natural and it would have felt too much for my hair to have been ‘perfect’.

I normally don’t like high necklines on anything but made an exception for this. I also feel you have to have your hair up to show off the beautiful jewel embroidery on it.

The skirt is so flowy and very princess like. I actually snagged it causing a tiny hole on it early enough on the night. I tried very hard to put it to the back of my mind and thankfully succeeded in not letting it irritate me too much!


I really must replace these silver shoes as at this stage they are over 3 years old but I have yet to find something as comfortable that I like as much. I thought they went perfectly with the look.

I added a Penney’s jacket I got back in November on top. I actually featured it as a Star Buy on Xposé and loved it. I think it was €14 and looks very Chanel. The night turned out to be balmy and it actually wasn’t needed. Given I am someone who consistently shivers this was quite amazing!

We had such a wonderful time in Como. It’s beautiful and so romantic. The wedding was so special and filled with love and style!

Till next week!

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Skirt and Top –Ted Baker. Shoes – Aldo. Jacket – Penneys.