My Sensitive Skincare Routine

Over the weekend a really special moment took place... I found 'the' dress! It's really only now sinking in, even though there has been months of planning, booking venues, paying deposits and organising, that we are getting married next May. 


At the moment in terms of skincare I feel pretty happy with my products and think I've found what suits me well so I thought I might share them with you. I will always steer more towards natural products where possible as I find I flare up and get tiny red dots all over my skin if something is too perfumed or chemical based so all of the products mentioned here are suitable for sensitive skin. 




I have two cleansers that I use daily. The Yonka Lait Nettoyant is my night-time cleanser for when I want to take a little more time and massage the day off. This smells so gorgeous - almost like baby lotion, it's just so soothing and also really effective. It gets rid of all my make up but sometimes if I've been filming and wearing a lot, I'll do a second cleanse with this to make sure everything is squeaky clean. What I love about this is that my skin never feels tight 

Secondly if I am in a rush I like using Murad Essential-C Cleanser in the shower. It smells of citrus and is really fresh and clean. Usually I just use this in the morning when there's no make up but the night's oil and grime to remove and again this gently whisks it all away. 

Afterwards I always use the Yonka Lotion. This is an absolutely gorgeous mix of essential oils and purified water. It smells incredible and really soothes my skin afterwards. I also use it on my sheets to freshen them up and as a room spray. It lightens the atmosphere with a really natural, clean lavender rich smell. 


Moisturizing and Treats 


After cleansing and toning in the evening I like to apply a sleep mask. I only recently discoverd them and think they're the best invention. At the moment I am using the Yonka Masque number one - which is very moisturising and soothing. Initially it feels a little sticky or damp but after about ten minutes it's sunk in and by the morning it's all absorbed obviously. The key thing I've found is that a thin layer really is more than enough so as not to overload your skin. It also means it will last longer. 

During the day I really like the Murad Essential-C SPF 30. Again like the face wash it smells so nice and fresh. It's also one of the lightest SPF moisturizers I have ever used. When I'm on holidays I don't mind something thicker  but for day to day this is brilliant. Another Murad discovery is the Invisiblur. This has a texture like smash box primer and glides onto your skin. Again it's one of the lightest SPF's I've ever come across and being a similar texture to primer unsurprisingly it's also a great base for make up. 

Exfoliation wise - those of you who follow me on snapchat will know that I discovered what has now become one of my favourite products in Millies in Naas where I was having a facial. Because my skin is so sensitive I had always been wary of irritating it with anything too granulated. Eleanor my therapist there introduced me to this and I haven't looked back.

If anyone has sensitive skin, that's prone to getting clogged, then you need this.


You apply a thin layer of it to clean dry skin and after about two minutes it dries to form a thin film. You then rub this film off and it takes the dead skin cells with it in the most gentle yet highly effective manner. I've been using this just on my chin and nose and I am definitely seeing less congestion. 


Hand and Nail Care


I like to get regular french polish shellac manicures about every three weeks and in-between salon visits CND solar oil is essential for me. I found when I wasn't using it but getting back to back shellacs my nails felt very weak and also dry. I have two tiny travel size bottles of this that I keep by the TV and on my bedside table. I also carry this around with me. It sounds a bit pedantic but it literally takes about twenty seconds to apply to both hands and it does make such a huge difference. 

I also really like this hand sanitiser because unlike lots of wipes and similar products it doesn't contain any (drying and not good for you) chemicals. When I'm at my desk for ages I try to take a few moments to spray this on my hands and also lightly on my keyboard. The smell is really uplifting and clean as well. 


Tan and SPF


I love the glow of having a facial tan but found a lot of products really drying, and I think some gave me blackheads which is quite gross. All that changed when I discovered James Read. It's definitely a more premium tan but for my face I don't mind paying a little extra. You apply this Sleep in mask in place of moisturiser at night and wake up to glowing, nourished skin. I was lucky enough to meet James Read in Callan and Co and he explained how he is combining skincare and tan - unlike most brands - which explains why this feels so good on your skin. 

For an all over body SPF I was recently away on holidays in Portugal on a juice detox retreat. I used the Yonka SPF 20 daily. It has apricot and lavender so it's nourishing for your skin and also light, yet effective. 


Body Care and Scent


Last but by no means least my favourite shower gel is by Dr. Hauschaka. This doesn't really foam up that much but it's completely natural and full of rose essential oil which smells so lovely. I find most of the time if I am in a rush I don't need a body lotion after using this as it's not drying at all. 

I was luckily invited to a preview of Jo Malone's new venture back into the perfume world and was given a sample bottle of Red Truffle Number Twenty One. It's a really fresh unisex clean smell. Interestingly her PR said that when Jo is happy with a scent she puts a red dot on the bottle and they decided to keep it as part of the design. 


So there you have my current routine! 

Let me know if any of these are your favourites too ! 

Till next week!

Lots of love