Creating Sacred Space At Home

Last week I had a facial with Catherine Azzariti who is the Yonka educator and we spent over two hours chatting about skincare, wellness, and creating the right atmosphere in a salon.  

Catherine's job involves travelling around the country to all the spas and salons teaching and instructing the therapists who use Yonka Products. One of the things I love about a good salon or spa is from the moment I arrive in I feel calmer. How the salon creates it's atmosphere is so hugely important. We discussed cleanliness, which is a given in any good salon. It goes without saying that if a salon feels grubby anywhere, leave. I heard a food reviewer say that he checks the bathroom before he eats in any restaurant and if it's not perfectly clean, he wont eat there. I'd feel the same is true for a spa or salon. It's not just the treatment area that needs to be maintained. After cleanliness there are a few added additions that help create that kind of sacred space. This is what I have at home and I thought it might be interesting:


You can buy books on crystals (I love Doreen Virtue's one) but what most of them say the best approach is, is to let your intuition guide you towards the ones you like. I've picked up crystals along the way and a few years back saw these big white quarts pieces in Dervish and I really loved them. Thankfully they accept deposits and I paid them off in 3 instalments. Ideally you should cleanse your crystals in running cold water and leave them outside to charge up when there's a full moon. I just love them to look at and I wouldn't be as routine as I should when it comes to cleansing but I think they create a lovely atmosphere and there are lots of theories around their positive effect. 

Salt Lamps

I love salt lamps. They are exactly what they say on the tin and basically big pieces of salt crystal with a hollow made out in the middle to fit a nightlight or a lightbulb. I have both and the theory is that once the salt is warmed by the light it released negative ions into the atmosphere. Electrical items such as computer screens, hairdryers, mobile phones release positive ions which can be very draining on our energy and the negative ions released by the salt lamp counteract them. I have one near the TV and in my little office room and I love to colour and glow of them.



I learnt about sage smudging from >this article< and bought some. I didn't know what to expect but what I will say is that it's not very smokey and if you feel the energy is really stuck in an area of your house why not give it a try? You can pick it up in most health food stores now or they will order it in for you. I like to cleanse my office/dressing room, which gets very messy very easily, a few times a year.  You simply light it and when the flame has caught blow it out and let it singe gently releasing smoke into the areas of your home you want to cleanse. If you want to know more about Sage and it's properties >here< is a more in depth look.


I used to get a lot of reiki and the woman I went to always had incense burning in her hallway and I loved the smell of it. It's usually very reasonable. The packet I currently have cost €3 for 20 sticks. I don't do this all the time as it can be overpowering but if I am hoovering or having a proper clean of the house I like to open the window creating a draught to circulate the air and light a stick of this. 

Mists and Sprays


When I posted about the Space Clearing mist on my snapchat (Username -HollyKateWhite) it got so many screenshots. I noticed that a lot of natural therapy practitioners use this in their rooms between clients to cleanse the atmosphere. It's similar to the the effect sage has but not as deep. It's a  combination of cleansing and clearing essential oils, botanicals, cleansing herbs that I like to spray from time to time. You can also use it on your crystals. In terms of hand spray and keeping my laptop keys and phone clean this Dr Bronner hand sanitiser is lovely and fresh and not at all oily as you might think with the lavender oil. It's very clean feeling but not drying on your hands at all. 

Crystal Window Hangings


I found these two crystal window accessories at the craft fair in the RDS this year. Unfortuantely I can't remember the name of the stall but again good health food stores occasionally have these and Dervish definitely will. If you hang them in the right place when the sunlight shines through your window they create the most gorgeous atmosphere. It all sparkly and vey beautiful. 

I've so many plans and dreams and hopes for the kind of home I will eventually live in but for now, like most of us I'm sure, it's all about a few cost-effective little tweaks and additions!

Let me know your thoughts below! 

Lots of love,