My Tips For Getting Stylishly Into Gear*

When it comes to new year fitness I can't lie, I am not one of those people who naturally loves working out. 

For most of December I was quite lazy but on New Year's Day I suddenly realised, I'm getting married in five months. I have found my wedding dress and it is such motivation to get in shape. I want to feel my best on the day and also know I need to calm my mind in the coming months and exercise always helps me. 

A new year brings a kind of clean slate and looking at my old gym gear from last year was quite uninspiring so I was delighted when Marks and Spencer announced a new collaboration with Rosie Huntington-Whitely and asked me to check them out. I ordered a few pieces and I genuinely love the fit of them and am delighted to be back in a fitness routine.

These are my tips to start 2017 on the right foot fitness wise: 

Start with the right clothing

Proper gym wear will stand to you and give you the support and sweat protection a normal t-shirt and cotton leggings simply can't do. I know I should wear more colour but in all honesty I think darker colours suit me better and can be more flattering for gym gear so I was pleased to see most of the collection features dark tones. These black cropped leggings are really nicely high-waisted and very thick around the waistband so they give you so much support and also create a streamlined sleek look. 


I paired this with a sports bra and an active jacket. A jacket like this is a great addition to wear to and from the gym or even for exercising if your gym is cold or your outside. It's particularly long which I loved, again because it's more flattering and just covers your hips so don't be worried about it clinging to all the wrong places! 

Buy a block of classes or sessions, or pay your membership in advance 

Most places offer a distinct for payment upfront so it will be cheaper long-term. We all go through phases when our bank accounts dip having your sessions bought means you wont sacrifice them and if you're paying by the session it's very easy to talk yourself out of it by the end of the month.                          

Walk everywhere possible

I love walking as long as I'm dressed for it. For a more athleisure feel I loved these metallic lace ups and they're extremely comfy but also quite cool. Paired on a casual day with this gorgeous cropped, but extremely long-sleeved jumper it's a really cozy errands or working at home piece. I love the little thumb grips on the cuff. 

Have a goal or target to work towards

For about the past five years I've dabbled in exercise and eating well but now I have massive motivation. Obviously a wedding is a big thing but there are so many milestones to work towards and I definitely want to set something up afterwards. I've lots of new journals with sections for goal setting and I really want to make fitness a goal rather than something I grumpily do. 


I hope your years are all off to a heathy and happy start!

If you've any tips to help me on my fitness journey please share them below! 

Lots of love,


Shop the look: Jacket. Sports Bra. Leggings. Jumper. Metallic Lace Ups

*This is a sponsored post in collaborations with Marks and Spencer and Shopping Links. 

Photography - Johnny McMillan. 

With thanks to John Belton for allowing us to shoot this look in No. 17 Personal training.