My Skincare Routine and Cleansing Tips*

Working with Yonka Skincare is something I really love. I was always interested in beauty but I have really taken things up a notch over the past year or so. I'm also preparing my skin for my wedding in May!

Naturally a professional will always be able to get better results in a salon but I am really interested in improving my homecare. I got in touch with Catherine Azzariti, who is one of the top skincare educators in the country and asked her for her top tips for home cleansing. 


It is a good idea to get a professional skin analysis by a professional every change of season either as a 15 min consultation or even better as part of a full hour treatment and they will advise the right products for you. Remember you being happy with the results and having glowing skin is their best advertisement so don't just assume they want to sell products. The right therapists wants you to be as happy as possible with your skincare routine. 


Always use an alcohol free cleanser that suits your skin type and go gentle. The skin should be cleansed as carefully as you put on your make-up. That is, it is important to be gentle but thorough. Ideally you should massage in your appropriate cleanser for a minute or so to give it time to work.


Never be rough in removing the cleanser as over time this may lead to irritation and redness. It is important to note that hot or cold water should not be used on the skin as this can contribute to broken capillaries. Luke warm water is best.

My Home Routine 

In my own routine I use the Yon-Ka Eau Micellaire for my eye make up and pre-cleanse to get rid of make up. With hydrating and soothing ingredients such as sea lavender and packed with anti-oxidants it leaves my skin feeling clean but never tight. 

I then use the Lait Nettoyant which smells like baby lotion is soothing & gentle. I use this all over my face and then I rinse it off with my cleanse off mitt or a clean facecoth. After a recent breakout I only use a facecloth once before machine washing it. The Lait cleanser is suitable for all skin types, as the plant extracts such as borneol is purifying and is perfect for my sensitivity. 

I always follow with a spritz of the Yon-ka lotion and then at the moment I am using the Creme 11 which is very soothing. I also use the Masque number 1 at night which is a sleep-in and very soothing overnight treatment. It sinks in clear and isn't sticky as some overnight masks are. 

I use the M2Beaut√© eyelash and eyebrow serums at night also. I've had weird experiences with getting semi-permanent lashes and feel it's best to work with what I have and these maximise growth. 

For an occasional treat or before an event I use the Murad Eye Lift which you can buy >here<

So there you have it! 

I will continue to update my routine as I think even from month to month it feels different. It's suddenly brighter in the mornings and Spring truly is here so I want to get my skin in tip tip shape! 

Let me know if you have any more cleansing tips! x 

Lots of love, 


*I am an ambassador for Yonka Skincare however I genuinely love and have been using and loving the products for several years.