Simple Tips To Detox Your Life & Home*

About a month after our wedding I was asked to review the Fiona Lamb Healthy Mind Healthy Body Hypnotherapy Course  It is a 6 week self-hypnosis programme designed to cover all areas and change your relationship with food, exercise and your body. Apparently you will become calmer, more at ease and more in control of your life and to be honest even I'm surprised at how effective it was. 

I started listening to it when I went to bed over two months ago. Fiona's voice is very soothing and I fell asleep quickly so I can't recall the exact words she says but it definitely helped me nod off quicker. Initially I didn't notice much of a difference except that I felt I was sleeping more soundly but now retrospectively I can see so much has changed over the course. 

Week 1 prepares your mind for the process. Week 2 is an emotional detox designed to identify and prevent any emotional eating episodes. Week 3 deals with sugar cravings and healthier food choices. In Week 4 it focuses on getting full quicker. Week 5 builds fitness and exercise motivation and Week 6 is based around confidence. I feel it's been hugely effective overall. I feel back in my body if that makes sense and much more connected to my work and focused. 

 Here is how I got on and the things I felt really helped me to detox and move forward:

Do A Wardrobe Review

By the second week I happened upon the Marie Kondo Book - The Life Changing Magic of tidying Up. I had wanted to read this book so many times before but had never done so. I was halfway through when I was already filling bags and clearing shelves of things I had held onto for no reason in particular. Marie has very specific ways she suggests and basically everything must have a place and also 'Spark Joy' when you hold it. I went through my wardrobe and was so surprised by how much I was holding onto. I had countless pieces tucked away because I had picked them up in a sale, and years on never worn. I spent few hours on a Sunday going through it all and it really freshened up the atmosphere in the room. 

Reduce Single Use Plastics

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By the third week I had watched A Plastic Ocean and to be honest I was shocked. It's upsetting but also encouraging. Now I am so much more conscious to minimise single-use plastics. I don't drink a lot of coffee but I was given a Keep Cup and now I take it everywhere I go. Some places even give you a discount for using it. In the course of a week I realised I had saved 6 take away cups and cumulatively I know that will add up. I've stopped taking straws for drinks and am reading labels on all my food products now. It's a small but important way to make a difference. 

Focus on Doing What Makes You Happy

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By the fifth week inspired by better sleep and subliminal messages telling me to enjoy exercise I had returned to my spinning classes. In the lead up to the wedding I was going about three times a week and felt amazing. Post-wedding I didn't slip back into the routine but I think that I just needed something to wake me up. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed that post-workout feeling and how de-stressed I would feel after it. I love classes as they push me so much further than I would on my own. Even in London on a quick trip over Andrew and I went to Barry's Bootcamp and worked out for two of the days we were there. Normally I am the kind of person who comes home from a weekend away feeling full and bloated from eating out, however with the workouts squeezed in I felt great coming back. I'll never be someone who loves going to the gym but I know I need to prioritize it for the after-effects. 

Contribute to a Meaningful Cause

the easiest way to take out the trash and detox your life

Enable Ireland is an incredible organisation and TK Maxx Give Up Clothes for Good is Ireland’s biggest and longest running clothing and homeware donation collection. Since 1997, TK Maxx has raised €2.5 million for Enable Ireland and collected over 130,000 bags of unwanted clothing, accessories and homeware items, providing support services to over 15,000 children and young people with disabilities across Ireland.

I had two bags of clothing that I am so happy to see go to such a good cause and I would love to encourage you to donate any unwanted clothing, accessories or homeware in any TK Maxx store and nominate a friend, colleague or family member to do the same.

For more information on the TK Maxx Give Up Clothes For Good Campaign see

love yourself and detox your life and your home

I am now really enjoying the benefits of a clearer wardrobe and that lovely peace of mind knowing that however small, every donation matters. Happy de-cluttering! 

Lots of love, 


For more information on the TK Maxx Give Up Clothes For Good Campaign see >here<

Images - Johnny McMillan. 

*Thank you to TK Maxx for collaborating on this post with me. 

simple tips to detox your life & home
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