The 2018 Yon-ka Christmas Gift-sets*

Every year Yon-ka bring out the most Christmas gift sets. Last Year there was a floral theme throughout the packaging and this year’s is really focusing on one of the key colours of the year, millennial pink. Every giftset is presented in a gorgeous ‘La Vie en Rose’ pouch.

Found in over 5000 spas and skin care centres worldwide, Yon-Ka has gained the respect of beauty specialists for its achievements and professionalism over the past 60 years. I am so passionate about dynamic natural beauty and Yon-ka products are created with plants, fruits, and marine extracts to balance, soothe, revive and rejuvenate. Each ingredient has a specific role to play: Fruit acids moisturize and enhance the complexion; Vitamins combat free radicals; Seaweed re-mineralises and Plant oils nourish and soften. Below I’ve gone into a little more detail on this year’s Gift sets:


The ultimate gift for every lady this Christmas Yon-Ka Hydration Gift, €56.50, includes Hydra No 1 Crème (50ml), Hydra No.1 Masque (15ml) and Yon-Ka Lotion PS (10ml) all presented in a 'La Vie en Rose' Special Pouch.

Time Resist:

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Yon-Ka Time Resist Gift, €140, includes Yon-Ka Time Resist Nuit (50ml), a night cream with hydrating formula that combines new-generation plant-based stem cells with the anti-inflamm'aging Youth Energy lipoaminoacid, to uphold your skin's youth. Euglena gracilis and silk tree extracts replenish and revitalise your skin so it appears firm and fresh upon wakening. 

Age Exception:

Yon-Ka Age Exception Gift, €195, includes Yon-Ka Excellence Code Creme (50ml) Excellence Code Contours (15ml) and Excellence Code Sample Card allowing the perfect opportunity for a loved one to try out the Award Winning Excellence Code range.

Body Detox:

The Yon-Ka Body Gift, €73, is the perfect gift for those new to Yon-Ka, or someone in need of some at home TLC, this gift includes Yon-Ka Huile Detox (100ml) and Yon-Ka Gommage Doux Detox (200ml). This is the perfect option if you are not sure what kind of skin someone has and is such a treat.

*I am a brand ambassador for Yon-ka products.

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