24 Hours in The Cliff House Hotel

We were invited down to The Cliff House Hotel last weekend and from the first mention (on my instagram - follow me >here< if you're not already! ) my phone was vibrating with so many messages from you all saying how you had spent honeymoons, birthdays and happy times there. After a 3 hour drive we arrived and disappeared into a bubble of luxury. Here's my thoughts on the key elements of the hotel: 

the Cliff House Hotel Holly White

The Room 

There are 39 rooms in the hotel and all have a sea view. It's quite mesmerising staring out at the crashing waves and I was often struck by just how beautiful it really is. There was a lot of pink in our room and some Irish craft and hand weaving integrated in a modern way. As a really nice touch (Please other hotels - follow suit) there was a coffee and tea station. Little touches like these really show generosity and hospitality and also ensured we enjoyed the room view a little more with a cup of tea in hand. 

The Spa 

In the spa the breath-taking coastal view is inescapable. A 15m indoor infinity-edge swimming pool is at the heart of the spa, with floor to ceiling windows creating a sense that you could swim right into the Irish Sea outside. 
They have recently launched The Well at Cliff, handcrafted products created with leading Irish spa consultants to offer a natural, botanical and bespoke spa experience which differentiates here from any other spa I've been in. Inspired by traditional herbal remedies and using carefully selected Irish ingredients including peat, carrageen moss, oat oil, beeswax, sea salt and Atlantic seaweed, wild marjoram and rosemary and no parabens, mineral oils or artificial colourings. This range is exciting and seeing it taking such pride of place in luxury gives me a real feeling of hope for dynamic natural beauty taking centre stage.  

The Food

Whilst I really enjoy a spa, and the comfort of a hotel, being vegan very often leaves me with little to choose from and feeling like I would rather be cooking at home for myself, than paying for something expensive out. The Cliff House changed my perceptions of all that and food-wise I enjoyed the most elaborate and stunningly beautiful vegan dinner I've ever had. To prove it's not all just for show, for breakfast the following morning they even had vegan sausages. Ever the dramatic - this felt like a moment to be shared. Whatever the reason, be it an allergy or just a personal taste, it was so lovely to see that the consideration has been given here. Whatever your dietary preferences are - this is a hotel that genuinely will go the distance it seems. 

Things to do

Aside from enjoying the hotel surroundings there is a fabulous walk trail just outside the door - called The Cliff Walk. The hotel provide Hunter boots so even if you didn't pack your sneakers - you can still enjoy it. After months of rain it was lovely to get out in the fresh air and the views and aspect of the walk are stunning and occasionally a little scary.. it's very high up and the incline is steep. It's a decent 1 hour walk and it really felt as if the cobwebs had been blown out by the end.  It's always amazing how much of an experience you can squeeze into a 24 hour getaway and as we checked out it felt as if we had been away for much longer. 

For more information see -> cliffhousehotel.ie

We were Kindly hosted as guest of the Cliff House.