Fashion on The Pulse - Month One


When I took the position of Fashion Contributor and stylist for UTV Ireland's Prime Time show The Pulse I didn't know what to expect. It was a new show that had only existed as a short bulletin to date with very little fashion content. Having contributed to Xposé I understood the format but with a fresh start ahead from the get go there was a lot in terms of standards that I wanted to set.

I wanted to work with relevant, fresh exciting brands, amazing models and consider every element as high priority as possible - the locations, the timings, celeb angles and catwalk trends, even the atmosphere on the shoots.

I don't personally edit my footage as that is done in UTV so that element was out of my control and believe it or not a great shoot can be ruined by a poor edit, and visa versa. I was conscious that what I filmed on the day was as polished as possible with little if any hiccups.  We film the fashion in batches of two or three stories on one day but each must be in a completely different setting, different models and obviously showcasing different style that's relevant and available to buy upon the air date of the episode.

Every story is prepped beforehand for up to 10 days between pitching the ideas, booking the models, co-ordinating the locations, scheduling, writing the scripts, choosing the clothes and styling the looks and backing pieces up with catwalk and celebrity footage.

Our first filming session took place one freezing cold morning filled with nerves.

I sat in a ball on the couch with Andrew beside me on the 22nd of January waiting for the show to air for the first time. My parents decided they wanted to watch it all with us to only add to the nerves.

Overall I felt the first story which featured Topshop was strong in terms of looks and models but I felt I didn't look as polished as I would like. When a day is stressful and busy and you're caught up with making sure the models look perfect and learning your script it can be very easy to neglect your own appearance a little.

When we filmed the next few episodes I had gotten some tips from Emma 'OFarrell and really took the time required with my make up before hand. It can sound superficial but the reality is that presenting yourself well is as important as the fashion featured.

First up airing on the 29th we featured some amazing looks from BooHoo Sportswear. You can watch the fill story here 


The following episode aired on the 5th of February featuring Alex and Ani. We featured the much loved charm bangles staked up and also the newly launched rings.


You can watch the full feature here

Just in time for Valentines Day I styled and featured some beautiful lingerie from Penneys. I am always blown away by the quality of Penney's lingerie. The pieces we featured were so beautiful and all had such attention to detail like a little quirk or point of difference on the straps and fit wise the models were all happy and the sizes were true to form. I always find the queues in Penneys can be really long for the fitting rooms but the models all said they were happy with the fit.


You can watch the Penney's lingerie story here.

I have already shot some of the March fashion content and I really feel it's where I want it to be. Ratings wise the show is really strong and I feel relieved, and also so lucky I said yes when the opportunity came. To anyone who has supported the show and given any encouragement to date  I really appreciate it so much.  I read every comment and tweet on all my social media and good and bad, everything will be taken on board to make it the best it can be!

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