Lisbon City Guide

Where We Stayed

When we booked Lisbon we both knew we would be tired after the wedding and really just wanted to be able to chill out for a few days. We went on the Tuesday after we got married and returned on the Saturday. It felt way to short but we loved what we experienced. When choosing a hotel my parents had been to the Lapa Palace before and loved it. What sold us was the proximity to Lisbon airport also. Once we were in a taxi it was about twenty minutes driving and also a direct flight from Dublin so it was a perfect option after the wedding when you don't want to be travelling for a very long time. 

It's a very refined chilled out hotel. As soon as we checked in we knew we had made the right choice. If you are looking for a busy bustling hotel with lots of people watching, this wouldn't be your best option as it's very calm.  To be honest we were so tired after the wedding it felt like heaven from the moment we arrived. 

It's stunningly beautiful and the service was so friendly. The hotel itself is expensive but what we found was we settled into a routine of eating well at breakfast and then waiting for an early dinner so overall the week balanced out.  Breakfast went on until about 11 am and then I would lie by the pool while Andrew went to the gym. The wifi extends to the pool area - I love these little details. I also used to take bowl of nuts and fruit from the breakfast buffet to snack on by the pool. 


There was lots of little extra touches such as in the room you could get any Oscar winning movie on DVD to watch and the room service menu was really tasty with lots of vegetarian options. 

There was also an indoor pool and a great spa. I had a scrub treatment one day and loved it. Andrew is really into the gym and found it perfect. It was all spotless also. 

Touring The City

We went into Lisbon one afternoon and walked up to a castle Castelo de Sao Jorge which had the most amazing view over the whole city. The entrance fee was €8.50 and was well worth it and we stayed up there for about an hour exploring. 

I also had a quick look around Zara and Zara Home and the stores were huge. Sadly a Ryanair flight doesn't look to kindly on excess baggage so I didn't actually buy anything but there was really good selection. 

Where We Ate

One afternoon we were craving juice and walked for about fifteen minutes from the hotel and found a great cold pressed juice bar called Yao and also a really cool coffee shop called The Mill.  In that area there was also a bakery and a lovely organic deli so if you wanted a picnic you could get some really nice things there to take with you. 

We found eating out very reasonable. One place that really stands out has to be Yakuza which is a Japanese restaurant. We sat at the bar and they made the food right in front of us which I always love. You had to ring a bell to get in and from the outside you couldn't tell there was this incredible restaurant inside so it felt like a hidden gem. 

Honestly we loved Lisbon so much and we found it reasonable to eat out and get around. Also with the direct flight and the almost guaranteed heat it makes for the perfect mini-break destination. 

Have you been to Lisbon? Did you love it?