Adjusting Your Skincare For Autumn*

Moving into Autumn everything changes up a little. The dark mornings are creeping in, the temperatures are noticeably dipping and so far I have resisted turning on the heating but there have been a few rainy days when I was tempted. Beauty wise there are some things I do throughout the year such as dry skin brushing and epsom salt baths but my skincare always needs a tweak or two. As the seasons change so does your skin and what works in Summer won’t necessarily have the same effect in Autumn. If you can set aside a little bit of time to have a look at what you have and evaluate it’s well worth it.

I often find I have samples about to expire or products I was ‘saving’ rather than enjoying and using so it’s time well spent to go through my beauty cabinet to see if I need to use up, throw out, or invest in products.

Below are a few guidelines I follow:

Decluttering your Products -

Having the minimal amount of products to achieve the best result is my ultimate goal. I am constantly trying to reduce the amount of lotions and potions literally clogging up my bathroom. I tend not to finish things, get excited to try the next, and sometimes even forget I have products hiding in drawers so taking time to empty the presses is always beneficial. I create 3 piles: products I love and will use, things I didn’t like or won’t be using again to offer to family and friends and things to donate or give away.

Products Sell By

Natural products don’t necessarily have the lengthy shelf life of traditional options so it’s important to keep an eye on the packaging and err on the side of caution. Most natural eye makeup stays good for three to six months but as it’s an extremely sensitive area be careful. Keep tinned lip balms closed and bear in mind that your fingers are going in and out of them and you are applying to your mouth so if in doubt, throw out and start afresh. The Symbol on the Codex products indicates that they will stay fresh for six months upon opening.

All sunscreen products are required to list an expiration date on their labels.

Creating a Capsule Skincare Edit -What to invest in

Moving into Winter months I automatically want more comforting balmy type products as my skin becomes sensitive to the cold. When I’m considering what to invest a little bit more in I always want a product that does more than one thing. The Codex Facial Oil contain Rosehip which moisturizes and softens, Bog Myrtle and Rosemary which helps protect from environmental stressors, not just on my face, I also apply to cuts and bruises. It also doubles up as a primer if I want dewy skin. I just mix in 2 drops with my moisturiser before applying foundation. After applying to my face I use whatever is left on my hands as a ‘serum’ for my hair focusing on the drier ends.

Products which share my values

I love buying products that support organic and natural farming practices and preserving nature and wildlife. Learn about brands you are buying from and understand their environmental policies and plans. The idea that beauty is superficial is thankfully long dead, what I know now for sure is that there are so many beauty brands doing incredible work encouraging organic farming practices and wildlife conservation. Those are the ones I want to support and use.

Codex embrace their responsibility for environmental stewardship, and are committed to integrating environmental practices and sustainability principles into the core business strategy. From wild harvesting of organic raw materials to green polyethylene packaging material, their goal is to have a zero carbon footprint and zero contribution of plastic into the ocean, and supporting the preservation of wilderness.

How to dispose of what is empty

Glass bottles can be recycled at your local bottle bank. If a product has a pump you must remove that first. Spray nozzles and straw-shaped attachments are NOT recyclable. Please throw those in the general waste or reuse them on other bottles. I find they’re great to re-use for home-made cleaners, air fresheners etc.

Look for the Recycle Symbol on your plastic containers. They must be clean and dry so ensure you get the last bit of product out and wiping it if needed before putting it into your recycle bin. >This< handy chart shows you the recycle symbols and how to dispose of items correctly.

The Codex products packaging is derived from sugar cane bio-ethanol so it captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It is then treated like PET plastic and is recyclable. The other environmental impact of the plastic is that it's light and has a lower carbon footprint when it's shipped globally - in comparison to glass. The outer packaging is biodegradable and made from recycled card. The great thing about the products with pumps - ie the Day Cream and the Superfood is that they get every last drop of the product into your hands so you don’t need to worry about cutting them open.

*Thank you to Codex Beauty for collaborating with me on this piece.

For more information & to purchase online see Codex Beauty

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