Transitioning into Autumn

Transitional clothing has been a buzzword clients have been pitching to me for the past 3 months. Writing this on a gorgeously sunny Sunday evening in October the idea of Winter clothes feels like a million miles away... 

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how to dress when the weather is transitioning

Since filming the fashion for The Pulse from the beginning of September I kept thinking, OK, now we need to think of more Wintery content to get us set up for the cold spell and each week it's seemed almost irrelevant. The weather has been so mild. Not warm enough to return to Summer clothes but definitely the word transitional has been key of the past six weeks in all of my pitches. 

Personally I'm nowhere near ready for Winter and if it's going to be mild I don't want to buy heaps of heavy item's I'm not going to wear - so pieces like this navy bomber I picked up from Littlewooods last week are great to add a little extra warmth and can also be layered up when it eventually gets a little cooler. I also love the sheen off it and being navy it's a break from my black monochrome uniform. I've also seen that it's reduced now - after I bought it!! 


Otherwise my transitional items have to include a few crisp white round neck t-shirts. My current favourites that are in heavy rotation are from H&M that I picked up on a recent shopping spree in Liffey Valley.  I added some chains that I love. One is engraved with the date Andrew and I got engaged by Enibas. It'a an Irish company and the two circles are symbolic of two people coming together. I am also wearing a star from Mo Muse which Andrew got me for our two year anniversary. I tend to stick to a uniform of simple well - made pieces. 


In other news I am just back from a really amazing detox weekend with Life Cleanse. We arrived on Friday evening in the retreat centre in Wicklow - right by Brittas Bay. The weekend was spent drinking green juice, wheatgrass shots, herbal teas, lots of yoga and so much time to catch up on reading which I loved. One of my favourite books of all time is Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom by Dr. Christian Northrup. It's a tome of a book that goes through holistically through certain causes of ailments. She's a qualified Doctor and GP based in Maine in the US and has been on Oprah countless times and this book is something I think every woman would get something from. I read it when I was 27 and this time round dipping into certain chapters over the weekend, it felt like a different book. 

I'll do a more detailed post on the detox weekend and some of the practices we learnt that I want to bring into my routine back home now. I'm feeling very charged up after the detox weekend and all excited for this week! 


 I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I'll have some more recipes up soon also! xx 



Bomber - Littlewoods. Top - H&M @ Liffey Valley. Jeans - J Brand. Boots - H&M @Liffey Valley.  Necklace - Enibas. 

Hair colour - Holly in Peter Mark Grafton Street.