My Tech Christmas Gift Ideas*

When it comes to Christmas gifts I always say you should never give a gift you wouldn't be happy to receive.  This year Currys PC World invited me in to pick out my gift recommendations and I was spoiled for choice. In choosing these items I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to pick some really special pieces that everyone would love! 

The best tech christmas gifts for everyone

Lumie Bodyclock Active 250

We all know a lack of sleep affects almost every area in your life. I took up yoga a few months ago and waking up in the pitch black to get to a class feels wrong. I've heard a lot about Lumee Lights and how much gentler they are on your body. Proven to help with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) by helping to light darker mornings the Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 has both gradual sunrise and sunset options over durations between 15 and 90 minutes. These help you to feel brighter from waking to a natural sunrise and to drift off to sleep gently using white noise to mask background noises.

There are also a selection of sounds to use to help you sleep and wake up, including waves, a rooster call and an alarm beep. You can also use it as a radio if you have a station you like to wake up to as well. This is such a thoughtful gift and something whoever you give it to will use every single day, and night. 

Price €119.99.   Buy > Here <

Price €119.99.  Buy > Here <

Goji Collection Wireless Rose Gold Headphones

Once you listen to music on proper headphones, the difference is amazing and it's hard to consider going back. Whilst doubling up as very cute ear muffs these headphones charge up for 14 hours worth of play, if that runs out you can just use them with the cord. What I love is you can keep your hands free for calls or just listening to your music as they have a built-in microphone and a remote for adjusting volume levels and skipping tracks without taking your device out of your pocket. For any music lover these are the perfect gift. 

Price €64.99  Buy &gt;Here&lt;

Price €64.99 Buy >Here<

HP Sprocket Mobile Photo Printer

The one thing I really don't like about about digital photos is that I rarely ever print them. My wedding album may well be waiting far beyond next Christmas by the time I get round to sorting it. The HP Sprocket might not be suitable for printing a whole wedding album but the compact (pocket-sized at just 2 x 3”) printer lets you create stickable durable water-resistant smudge-proof snapshots whenever the moment strikes. You sync it via an app and it's very quick to set up and use. You can add borders and designs and also similar to a polaroid, the ink is embedded in the paper, so you don't need to buy separate ink for it. 

Price €159.99.&nbsp;Buy  &gt;Here&lt;

Price €159.99. Buy >Here<

Ion Turntable 

For the music lover this Ion Turntable is more than just a record player. With EZ vinyl converter software included, you can convert your 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records and play them back in incredible digital quality, giving you the best of both worlds. If you know someone who has a pile of records they want to digitise, this is the solution! 

The software will guide you through the process step by step - just use the included USB cable to connect to your home computer. It senses gaps between songs and save them as separate MP3 files, letting you create an impressive digital archive. Restore your classic vinyl and enjoy the portable convenience of digital formats with the ION Max LP Turntable. You can also connect the Max LP to other audio sources like a cassette deck, MP3 player or smartphone using the 3.5 mm aux input. It also looks incredible !

Price - €99.99. Buy >Here<

I hope you enjoyed those recommendations! 

Happy Shopping!

Lots of love, 

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Photography - Johnny McMillan. 

*Thank you to Currys PC World for collaborating with me on this post.