A Winning Weekend in Dingle

September was always going to be a busy month for Nutmost. It started with Dublin Vegfest, then Wellfest, followed by setting up stall in the Supervalu tent at the National Ploughing and last weekend it ended with attending the Blas na hEireann awards at the Dingle Food Festival 


We went to the Blas na hEireann last year just for a wander en route to what turned out to be the most amazing stay in The Europe Hotel  This year Nutmost was nominated and we decided to make a weekend of it. We drove down on Thursday and for some crazy reason it took us eight hours between deliveries and stopping off to get a quick bite in The Good Room which is a gorgeous bistro and well worth making a little detour for. The food is so good and it has a really homely feel.


Then we eventually got on the road and checked into the Dingle Skeligh Hotel which was literally on the edge of the peninsula. The views are stunning!


The next morning after a quick breakfast I decided to squeeze in some time in the gorgeous spa. I had an amazing treatment - The Yonka Secret de Beauté head to toe reviver. It was honestly absolutely amazing and such a treat. It started with a full body exfoliation with a scrub full of salt and algae that felt so soothing. After a shower to remove the scrub a body lotion was massaged into my skin. Then I had a full facial.  I resisted the outdoor hotub as it was freezing cold and lashing rain but it was lovely to look at from inside the relaxation area!



Feeling refreshed and revived we felt ready to head into town. Being a coffee fanatic Andrew always finds great places and Bean in Dingle was on the agenda. Its a very cool coffee shop (with dairy free options) and a great window seat - ideal for people watching! 


Coffees in hand we went for a wander through the stalls. Andrew had been to a photocell earlier in the day but his category wasn't being announced until five O'Clock so we had quite a long wait.  I'm into week three of my Raw Food Mastery course which those of you following me on Snapchat (HollyKateWhite) will have heard me talk about. We have just finished the fermentation segment so I am learning all about making Kombucha and kefir at home so I was really interested in the sellers a the raw food stand. 


... And an amazing chocolate Shop! 


Five O'Clock finally rolled around and we made our way to the cinema where the winners were being announced. It's so funny how when you're nervous time stands still! The wait seemed so long as they went through all the other winners in the different categories. Then as if in a flash Nutmost had been called and Andrew and I were up on stage accepting a silver award!


It's been such a manic busy year things with Nutmost have moved very quickly which is brilliant and getting an award like this means so much. Andrew works tirelessly on it all pushing thing forward and 'm so proud of him! I I had my eye on a very cute old-school pub in the middle of town - Ashes Bar and the reviews were good so with the award in hand we got a table for dinner. It seems to be steeped in history and had such a cozy feeling to it and also the seafood looked incredible!



Dinner was amazing but we were both a bit dazed from the day's events. It's amazing what can happen in a year and also amazing to think of what could happen in the next year. 

Exciting things to come I hope! 

Till next week,