My Tips For Embracing Colour*

With London Fashion week on the horizon I was so excited to wear some really special new season pieces. I saw this suit in the Penneys Look book and I knew it was special. What I didn't anticipate was just how gorgeous it would be in real life! 

Both September and fashion week feel like a transitionary time and I felt ready to be a little bit bolder with my style choices. Normally I shy away from colour but I knew I needed a change and this suit was just the ticket.  The trousers are so well cut and look great with a white shirt and heels. That said for a really confident look wearing it as a full suit is something I am definitely going to be embracing! 

Here are a few tips if you're thinking of picking something bright and gorgeous up! 

Get the Shade Right


With red there are degrees that veer more towards coral and orange. This is pure fire engine red and such a perfect shade for cooler Irish skin tones. Trying on the jacket is easy to do and the most important thing to notice is if it's uplifting your skin tone. That said if you feel red is a little draining, read on for how to get around that... 


Keep Things Minimal Underneath


With a well fitted suit you don't want anything creating bulk underneath it. It's all about letting the tailoring hang well. With this in mind for evening there is nothing more glamourous than going for lingerie, some tape and little else but as this was shot in the day between running to shows I needed something with a little more coverage and support. I chose this nude body with black embroidered detail easily. Honestly it was so beautiful it literally shone from the shelves. With nude and black tones it's universal piece and would work so well with a black pair of jeans also.  


Keep Footwear Neutral


A classic pair of nude shoes is a complete essential. With such a bright piece it's important not to let anything detract from the main colour. A simple clutch bag with just the essentials would be all that's needed. I loved these sandals as with the thicker heel and the ankle strap there is good support and the glitter on the heel adds a little bit of sparkle.


Embrace a Bit of Tan 


As mentioned in the first point certain colours can initially drain you, especially pastels. Whilst I love my pale skin, I really like having a tan and when I tried this suit on initially I felt it would work better with a bit of a glow. I'm no at home tanning expert so I booked into Anu Beauty for a spray tan just before heading to London and I was delighted with the subtle tan and I felt more confident. 


Own It 


One thing about wearing head to toe red is that if you're used to wearing muted colours and a lot of black it will feel different. You will attract more attention and my advice is own it. Stand proud and tall and embrace all the positive vibes a colour like this naturally gives you! 

I am absolutely in love with this suit and looking forward to wearing the jacket with jeans and both pieces separately. No doubt this will fly off the shelves but let me know if you pick it up! 

Lots of love,

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Bodysuitsuit €13. Shoes €16. Trousers - €16 (£13 UK) & Jacket €25 (£20) available in Penneys Stores nationwide from the 4th October. 


Photography - Sarah Blake shot at Lancaster House. 

*Thank you to Penneys for collaborating with me on this post.