My Tips For Event Dressing

Last week I attended and was working at the Peter Mark VIP style awards. I had never been before but I knew it glam was essential. With most events there is a certain buffer where casual meets smart comfortably in the middle. Jeans, a nice top and heels usually take you anywhere and I would tend to err on the more relaxed side of dress codes but I knew that this was one event where that wouldn't do. 

I wanted to wear something really special and was so lucky that the lovely people in Havana lent me a Simone Rocha dress to wear. I honestly felt like a princess on the night and was so delighted to be included in best dressed lists on RTE, Spin 1038,, and Rosemary Maccabe's blog Next time round it will be much easier and there will be far less nerves. These are a few tips I picked up along the way that I thought might be of use:

Beauty Prep

I am not great at day-to-day maintenance but love investing in things that will last. Getting a laser top up this year (at Anu Beauty - one of my favourite salons) was a brilliant idea as after 2 sessions any tiny bits of underarm, bikini or leg regrowth were zapped and so I didn't have to think of any sort of hair removal prior to the event. I also popped back to Anu for a St. Tropez tan two days before the event so that was one less thing to think about also. I was really impressed with the tan and a week on it's worn off well and thankfully there was no transfer whatsoever onto my dress. I would advise you to do as much as you can in advance of an event as if you end up with less time, there's less to do! 

Wear What Makes Your Heart Sing

When I went to Simone Rocha's fashion show in London I was blown away. It was incredible and seeing the clothes in real-life made me love them even more. Simone is exclusively stocked in Havana in Donnybrook which is one of the coolest shops and they so kindly lent me >this< dress to wear. There so much detail and even the slip underneath it is so beautiful. If I hadn't already bought my wedding dress I would be getting married in this! On the night the dress got so many complements even from Don O'Neil who won the best designer award and I truly felt so proud to be supporting Irish design but also pleased I had worn something slightly unexpected. I would advise you to always go with your gut and go for what you love.  

Wear Comfortable Shoes

This sounds so boring and sometimes you just have to put up with a sore shoe but honestly I hope that day never comes. People who have been following me for a while will know that I live in these silver shoes. I bought the black and the silver version on sale in Brown Thomas about eighteen months ago and they have seen me through so many events and occasions. I also know the height is fine and they are comfy to wear. I think if you are going to take a risk, avoid it in the footwear department! 

Be As Clear as Possible With Make Up and Hair

As the event was sponsored by Peter Mark they had a room full of stylists doing people's hair and Inglot were doing make up before the event kicked off. Instead of any traditional Jewelery I decided to just have hair drapes from Jules Bridal which I loved and they added sparkle. I arrived with so many pictures on my phone of hair and make up looks I loved and I know that really helped. When you think of something like an up-style or a red lip you've got something so clear in your mind but a stylist could be thinking of something totally different. I've learnt over the years not to rely on them 'getting' it straight away. I don't think it's fair on yourself or your stylist so my advice is definitely have as many clear pictures of the looks you are going for with your hair and make up. 


Before the event I got incredibly nervous. I had to arrive at The Marker for 3 PM and had a quiet morning at home which led to my mind going into over-drive. I was scared of being judged. I was scared that I would mess up on my interviews on the red carpet. I kept worrying that I would forget something and checked my bag so many times to reassure myself. Finally after speaking about this on my Insta-stories I got a flood of responses and one follower (thank you!) suggested I visualise how I hoped the night would turn out. I settled myself for a few minutes and imagined feeling confident and happy. I saw myself smiling for pictures and having lots to chat about. I imagined coming home happy, knowing it had been a brilliant night.

I don't need to tell you the end of the story but whether it was the visualisation or just a coincidence I don't know, but I will definitely be taking time to calm myself and imagining how I want and hope things will be, next time my mind gets in a spin.

If you've somewhere special to go I hope you have an incredible time and that these tips have been useful!

Lots of love,