Christmas Gifts and 2017 Intentions

Settling into early January I am full of good intentions. A new year brings a form of blank slate. 

I think everyone found 2016 a bit of a headache towards the end of the year. Politically, and even emotionally there seemed to be something very heavy in the atmosphere. Thankfully 2017 is off to a great start. I received some lovely gifts and they also mirror my intentions for this year. Here's a quick round up of what I got and how I plan on using them:

Journal and Practice Gratitude.

Hand on heart I have so much I am grateful for, I just don't seem to keep it at the forefront of my mind. I had seen a lot about Happiness Planners online and when I saw Mark from Benefit going through his online I knew it was worth it. It's full of charts and forms where you can fill in the highs and lows of the past year, and set goals for the next. It also comes with a beautiful rose gold pen and gives journaling a structure. I'm excited to be using mine this year. I think the idea of a blank page can be quite intimidating to fill out but this coaches you though the day. 

Enjoy The Little Things. 

I think because of working and spending a lot of time online I get very caught up in seeing people achieve big amazing things. Whilst I am happy for them, day-to-day it can seem very overwhelming. This year I want to celebrate every small success and similar to above make time for daily gratitude and even simple things like nice tea, in exceptionally nice cups! A little bit of detox tea can't hurt either. This Pukka one is quite nice and the little envelopes are handy to pop in your bag. 

Cat Mug - Moss Cottage  Love Print-Moss Cottage  Detox Tea - Pukka

Get Fit

Saying you want to 'get fit' in January is easily one of the biggest clichés possible but this year is different! I am getting married (!) in five months in May. I've already chosen my dress and to genuinely I have motivation I haven't had in years to make an effort. It was as if right up until New Year's eve it felt like ages away and now that it's this year it's starting to get really exciting. I am speaking at a number of Bridal events in January called Weddings to a Tea - and we will be coming to Clare, Cork and Kerry and I am really excited to get all dressed up and enjoy all the fun. (For ticketing info see >Here<

New gym gear is always quite motivating and these half mesh leggings from Elle Belle Fit are gorgeous and more fashion-ey than most!

Compression leggings - Elle Belle Fit. 

Eat Well and Recycle

Last year Andrew went on Dragons Den with Nutmost and in the lead up to it we watched it constantly and also throughout the airing. I have developed a real empathy and now love supporting Irish retailers and entrepreneurs more than ever before as a result of really seeing the graft. One company that stuck out is Obeo. Their compostable bags that sit on your counter and go straight to compost or the brown bin are a really simple idea but if you juice a lot and know what kind of waste you accumulate and how gross that makes your bin - kind of genius. I buy these regular now and if you are on a juice cleanse and juicing frequently I definitely recommend you pick up a pack. 

On another note Elle Macpherson is testament to the efficacy of many things that defy ageing. Her's is the kind of diet that would make most reply 'I'll have what she's having' whatever it may be and thankfully now she's let us in on the deal by creating Wellco which is a supplement company. I really want to try her nourishing (vegan) protein but I use her super greens regularly and they're a great boost stirred into a smoothie or juice. It's on sale in Seagreen which is a lovely local boutique. 

Obeo Food Recycling bags in Super Valu Stores Nationwide.  The Super Elixer - Seagreen

Plan My Wedding

My Sister-in-law to be gave me this ring holder for Christmas and I really love it. It's so sweet and actually very useful rather than leaving my ring by the sink or on the mantlepiece! I kind of can't believe we are getting married. I've found my dress and we have booked a lot of suppliers, and confirmed our venue but it still feels very surreal. Everyone says the time flies and I now believe them. I am so excited for it all. 

Also I love candles so much and this one was an engagement gift from my cousin smells incredibly fresh and clean. It's kind of mossy and really unusual but beautiful. 

Candle - Seven Wood.  Ring Holder - Oliver Bonas. 

Work With Good People

I began working with Yonka Skincare back in Summer 2016 and this is a relationship that is set to continue. It's been a complete blessing and a privilege to work with a company that extols my exact values and beliefs, that natural beauty can be un-compromised, effective and glamorous. I've worked freelance for most of my working life and it can at times be, as many of you will understand, incredibly stressful. You really have no idea what each week will bring. I'm  slightly amazed and always appreciative when people choose to work with me and promise to stay true to my values, beliefs and standards in terms of content creation in 2017. With that in mind when it all gets too stressful a warm bath with a dollop of Phyto Bain in it is very soothing! 

Yonka Phyto Bain - Salons Nationwide.

So there you have it! I hope you all had a gorgeous Christmas too and are all set for what I know is going to be a brilliant year! Also you may have noticed I have been posting much more regularly lately and that's set to continue! If you're not already make sure to follow me on all my social media to stay updated on new content!

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Lots of Love,