How To Do a Gray Smokey Eye*

A few weeks ago I was going through my make up bag and I found a grey eyeshadow palette. I looked up youtube videos and played around but it ended up looking like a more sooty than sultry. I chatted about it on Snapchat (username HollyKateWhite) and a fabulous make up artist Michelle T contacted me and said she could help!  

I tend to be very safe with my make up but I want to get more adventurous. Michelle promised it would be easier than I thought! 

We decided to use products from the Note Cosmetics range as if people liked the look I wanted it to be available nationwide, great quality but also cost-effective. I always think when you are trying a new look or trend, reasonable is the way to go. The products are gorgeous and the colour payoff is exceptional and I was thrilled with the end look.

These are the steps Michelle took:

 Skin & Base

Keep skin glossy and fresh by mixing the sunglow foundation in shade 10 and Detox & Protect foundation spf 15 in shade 01 Beige.  Apply the BB concealer in shade 02, under the eye and over any blemishes. Warm up the skin and softly contour using the bronzer in shade 10.


Step 1- Using the Pearl Beige pencil eyeshadow stick, run this across the moveable part of the lid up as far as the socket.

Top Tip- you can use your ring finger to soften the edges out in the socket

Step 2- Using the same product but in the Blue Grey 06 shade, work this in a V shape in the outer corner of your eye and run it under your eye also.

Top Tip- for the outer corner of the eye to get that perfect V shape start at the last eyelash on your upper lash line and draw a slanted line up as far as your socket, then draw a line right into the socket but only going in a ¼ of the way towards the pupil. Fill in the triangle now.

Step 3- Using the Note Professional eyeshadow palette in shade 105, start with the first colour which is the white shade and using a pencil brush like the Blank Canvas E23 brush, blend some into the arch of your brow to highlight and lift and in the inner corner of the eye to widen out the eyes


Step 4- Create some definition in the socket, using the third shade in this eyeshadow palette, the mid tone grey and a fluffy blender like the Blank Canvas E26 brush.

Tilt your head back a little so you can see your socket area, put the product onto the very tip of the brush, nestle the brush into the socket and sweep over and back in the socket in a windscreen wiper motion.

Step 5- Add some smokiness now in that outer corner using the dark matte black shade from this palette, using a flat shader brush like the Blank Canvas E26 brush.

Apply this to the very outer corners of the eye and very tightly under the bottom lashes. Work again from the outer corner in a V shape but this time keep it to just the very outer corner part of the eye. By keeping the product on the very tip of the brush it will give you more control over product placement and where you want to blend.

Step 6- Using the bright silver shade in the palette, pop some on your ring finger and press it onto the eyelid, this will really make your eyes pop.

Keep this closer to the inner first ½ of the eyelid, we want the outer ½ of the eye to be smokey.

Step 7- Define your eye shape even more by adding some Black precision eyeliner pencil to your water line and tight line

Top Tip- when tight lining, put the pencil into your eye, close your eye and run it over and back along the water line, this really helps prevent your eyes from watering up.

Step 8- Winged liner time!

The Ultra black Dipliner, has a foam pointy tip, this really allows for control when applying your liquid liner. Keep it very thin and close to the roots of the lashes on the inner corner of the eyes and allow it to get thicker as you get to the outer corner of the eye.


Step 9-Using the Note Bronzer in shade 10, and a larger fluffy eye blending brush, softly blend out the edges of the makeup in the socket area and under the eye.

Add lashings of Perfect Lash Mascara to finish off this look, spend at least 30 seconds on each eye to really build up the volume and length in your lashes.

Step 10- Soften out this grungy look with some warm peach tones on your cheeks and lips like the Note blusher in shade Soft Peach and long wearing lipgloss in shade Candy 16.

And you are all done! 

I really loved this look and it gave me much more confidence to embrace a little bit of colour. Let me know if you recreate this look ! 


I hope you all have a gorgeous Paddy's day! 

Lots of love, 


All products used: Detox and Protect foundation in shades 01 Beige and 07 Apricot, Sunglow foundation in shade 10, BB Concealer in shade 02, Bronzing Powder shade 10, Luminous silk compact blusher in shade 02 soft peach, Eye shadow pencil in shade Pearl Beige AND Blue Grey, Luminous mono silk eyeshadow in shade 08, Pro eyeshadow pallette in shade 105, Precision eyeliner in Black, Ultra Black Dipliner, Perfect Lash Mascara, BB lip corrector in shade 03, Luminous silk compact powder in 01 Beige and 02 Natural Beige

Tan - James Read spray tan at Callan and Co. 


Make Up Expertise - Michelle T. For information on her courses and bridal rates see >her website<

Thank you to Note Cosmetics for sponsoring this post. Note cosmetics are available nationwide. For Stockist information see >their Facebook page<

Special thanks to Maria in Life Cleanse for allowing us use her studio to shoot this look. 


Images by Brid O'Donovan.