Exploring Inchydoney Hotel and Spa

There are some places that you go, and you immediately feel at home, or continuously associate happy memories with. For us Cork never fails. One of our first weekends away was spent there in Cork city but this time round we wanted to get a little closer to West Cork. 

We chose to stay in Inchydoney as I love being by the sea. A weekend away usually includes a little indulgence and I think it's so important to have something to counteract that. I love walks outside and immediately when I saw how it is literally on the beach I knew it would be lovely. We really enjoyed our weekend and lots of you were asking for my recommendations so here is all the info:

The Hotel and Accomodation

Leaving on a Friday around lunchtime it took me about 3 and a half hours to drive down. Upon arrival it’s all worth it. The hotel is situated overlooking the beach and it’s so refreshing. Interiors wise comfort is key and there is a plush reception area and I was offered some homemade local cider to ease into the weekend upon arrival. The rooms are spacious and mine had a balcony with a sea view and also a bench which had it been sunny would have been lovely to sit out on.

The Hotel Menu

As we were staying in the hotel we had breakfast there every morning but I have to commend the service. I eat a plant-based diet which means traditional fry up and dairy foods are out. Oftentimes I find myself sticking to tea and toast which is fine but the hotel staff asked me on the first morning was there anything they could get me that I would like. I asked for avocado and they ordered it in. It's the simple things that make a place stand out and I was so impressed. We also ate in their Gulfstream restaurant another night and it was really special. They had a dedicated vegan menu with several options for each course which was so refreshing. I always notice acoustics in restaurants and in the Gulfstream even though it was busy you could hear each other and it would be perfect for a special family meal. 

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Exploring Clonakilty

We cycled into Clonakilty and stopped at the first cafe we came to which turned out to be incredible. Lettercollum Kitchen project is an artisan food store and also a great spot for lunch or a really good coffee and homemade treat. 

We went out for dinner to The Farm where they actually had a whole vegan menu which was incredible. They had dairy free butter to go with the bread and a choice of starters, mains and desserts which doesn't always happen. My main course in particular was so delicious and we shared a selection of sorbets to finish. 

On our last day we popped into Baking Emporium which is one of the nicest bakeries I have ever seen. It literally smelled amazing in there and the staff were so friendly and chatty. It doesn't open on a Sunday but make sure to give it a visit and save some space for their incredible breads and pastries. 

Time to Chill ? 


With the beach right in front even if you have fifteen minutes to spare you can squeeze in a stroll. There are benches and vantage points that take you right onto the rocks which is breathtaking. You feel like you are on the edge of the earth with the crashing waves and it's quite intense and very loud but amazing. If you want epic photos here is the place to get them!

The spa is lovely and the pool has lots of massaging jets but be careful how you time it. They have designated time periods for children in the morning and the afternoon so if you want to peacefully chill, time it correctly. On the other hand this will be a relief if you want to bring your toddler swimming as it's welcomed. It is also the only Thalassotherapy pools in Ireland. Official Thalasso centres must be located at no more than 500 metres distance to the sea, have a coastal climate and can use only pure, clean seawater.

Often used for detox, Thalassotherapy seems to be effective in treating many medical complaints, including eczema, psoriasis, back and muscular pain, arthritis and stress. Thalassotherapy may improve hypertension, arthritis, arteriosclerosis, asthma, bronchitis, muscle atrophy, and scabies.

Any treatment which harnesses the power of nature effectively always piques my interest and this was both fascinating & therapeutic. It felt amazing and the buoyancy is such a relief on your joints.

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Places of Interest

It's a really sweet little town and we really enjoyed cycling around - the hotel had bikes you could pay €10 to use for the day. There was a particularly good health food store called The Olive Branch that I really liked and nearby there is a monument to Tojo the Monkey. I told this story on my Instagram but basically he was a monkey that was brought over on a fighter jet that had to crash land in 1943. Due to the change in climate he died really quickly and the whole town grieved him and gave him a traditional Irish wake. Lastly one of the most charming shops I've ever seen Finer Details makes custom invitations and has all the chic party decorations you could ever want. I got some amazing birthday cake candles that are made of sparklers that I am so excited to use. The owner was there and her invitations and prints are stunning. Definitely one to check out. 

Naturally it was sad, as always, checking out. There was something so incredibly comfortable and welcoming about Inchydoney. They seemed to cater to everything and we are already dreaming of coming back and hiding away in their cozy movie room. They also had a snooker room and a kids playroom so on rainy days there's so much to enjoy. 

Till next time! 

Lots of love, 

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For more information on Inchydoney see >here< 

Inchydoney hotel and spa, Holly White, Review